The InTouch program is a districtwide integrated point of sales system which allows sites to record student payments as they are received.   InTouch is used with district and student activity funds.

The TouchBase website allows parents to log into the District Parent Portal website to view their student's  fees or fines, for the parents to purchase items available from the site, and to make ECA Tax Credit donations.



 Call Lynn Cormier to enroll for training.   472-0118


Dana Martin Student Activities 472-0134
Nanette Allen Student Activities 472-0135
Michelle Pratt Student Activities 472-0137
Carol Mann Student Activities 472-0136
Lynn Cormier Student Activities 472-0118
Carol Alexander - Supervisor Student Activities 472-0133


Lori McGee Accounting 472-0101
Gina Forestieri Accounting  472-0100 
Sharon Steen Accounting 472-0104
Linda Hill-Gerbitz - Supervisor Accounting  472-0103