Homework Policy:

Homework for elementary children can be a productive activity when properly planned. We feel homework should consist of reinforcement activities, a review of mastered skills and/or an application of mastered skills. It can be used to help students develop study skills and encourage creativity. Homework may also be given so a child can make up work missed during absences. However, children who have shown mastery of regular classroom lessons are not required to make up work missed while they are in special classes for gifted students. 

The Mesa Unified School District does not permit homework to be given as a penalty. No homework will be assigned specifically for the weekends or holidays, however, extended projects may happen to overflow onto weekends. The amount of homework a child is given during the week and the amount of time spent each evening on it depends upon individual situations. Children's abilities vary. If your child requires more than the maximum time noted and he/she is conscientiously working at the homework, please consult with the teacher. The teacher is the most appropriate person to whom you should direct your questions.

Homework Hotline: (480) 472-0093