Do you enjoy new words?  Are you good at math and strategic thinking?  Do you enjoy playing games with your friends?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, please join us in the Academy's Scabble Club.

We conduct our club according to the guidelines of the National School Srabble Club.  You may even have seen the National Scrabble Championship on ESPN! All students play in pairs where teamwork and good sportsmanship are emphasized. 

By attending the Scrabble Club, you will learn to:

- improve your anagramming skills. TI ILLW EB UFN!

- deal with having a Q on your rack with no U in sight...
   handy words like QAT, QI and QOPH can come to the rescue.

- play well with a partner and learn to discuss strategy.

- easily score more than 50 points with just 2 letters!

- score bingos (using all 7 tiles at once to score a bonus 50 points).

- play well even with no vowels with words like NTH, BRRR and CWM.

Scrabble equipment (boards, tiles, etc.) will be provided.


Sponsor and meeting dates TBD.