Mesa Academy Authors Celebrated


The following Academy authors were acknowledged at the Mesa Public Schools annual "Voices 2018 Writing Awards Ceremony", for their winning, original entries in the categories of Personal Narrative, Poetry and Essay.  The ceremony was held on May 3rd at the Franklin at Brimhall auditorium.  Each winner received a ribbon and a copy of the Voices 2018 Anthology.  Congratulations, Knights!


Krew Eckman - 1st Place

Jane Henriksen - 1st Place

Natalie Reeves - 1st Place

Jadelynn Lilly - 1st Place


Maya Domenguez - 1st Place

Isabel Tung - 1st Place

Natalie Reeves - Honorable Mention

Laurel Wylie - 1st Place 

Calan Huish - Honorable Mention

Staff:  Teacher Anglea Shults - 1st Place


Stella Court - 1st Place

Liam Bass - Honorable Mention

Natalie Reeves - Honorable Mention

Kristina Stender - 1st Place


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