These agreements challenge us to identify the specific attitudes, behaviors and commitments we must demonstrate in order to advance toward our vision. What commitments are we prepared to make in order to fulfill our mission more effectively and to advance our vision? How must we behave in order to make our shared vision a reality?


In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school, the Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies staff believes and will practice the following:


     • I will respect you and others' attitudes and beliefs.
     • I will appreciate your ideas and value your thinking.
     • I will provide professional/emotional support and encouragement.
     • I will work collaboratively with you and will do my part of our work here.
     • I will be open minded and honest.
     • I believe in the best of our students and ourselves, and will act in
       accordance with this belief.
     • Our agreements are shared among and supported by all of us.

     • I will respect you. I will do my part of our work. I will value you.
     • I will provide opportunities to learn.
     • I will provide engaging lessons.
     • I will assure you that MAAS is student centered.
     • I will be prepared and ready to teach every day.
     • I will be positive and passionate about my work.
     • I will demonstrate that my highest priority is you, your well-being, and
       personal/intellectual growth.
     • I will have high expectations for and a belief in you.
     • I believe that every student can and will succeed.