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If the Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies is to continue to be an exemplary school, it must have a clear sense of the goals that it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to become and the contributions that the various stakeholders in the school must make in order to transform ideals into reality.

The following vision statement articulates the standards that the Academy will strive to achieve and maintain:

     • is driven by the International Baccalaureate philosophy and methodologies.
     • challenges students to become inquiring, self-directed learners.
     • is rigorous and relevant.

     • is technologically based.
     • is engaging and student-centered.
     • emphasizes links between disciplines.

     • are professional and committed to continuous improvement.
     • are empowered decision-makers.
     • demonstrate their support of and commitment to the school's vision and  
     • recognize and respond to the individuality of each student.
     • provide care, support, and guidance to maximize each student's growth.

     • atmosphere is safe, comfortable, and pleasant.
     • is positive and professional.
     • students feel valued and, as a result, respect is engendered.

     • understands their responsibility to serve others and be a part of the greater
       global community.
     • community support reflects a partnership of parents, business resources, and

     • is innovative, focused, responsive, open-minded, and visionary.
     • recruits and retains the best, most exceptional staff.
     • creates positive energy through open communication and shared leadership.

     • are focused on their educational improvement, personal growth, and aware
       of the effort required to reach their fullest potential.
     • are enthusiastic leaders prepared to face challenges.
     • are multi-lingual.
     • are engaged in public service and act as conscientious contributors to their
     • are well rounded, high achieving, and motivated to be lifelong learners.
     • understand and display their responsibilities as global citizens.
     • are knowledgeable and respectful of their own and others' cultures.