Academy Supply List

The following recommended supplies will enhance your child's educational experience at the Academy:

• Two pocket folders with center clips for all subjects

• Pencils (non-mechanical for Art)

• Colored pencils

• Highlighter(s)

• 12 inch ruler (Social Studies)

• Eraser(s)

• Red, blue, and/or black pen(s)

• Filler paper (lined and graphing)

• For technology classes - college-ruled, spiral notebooks for 7th grade (GREEN) and 8th grade (BLACK) .  These will be submitted weekly for grading, so please purchase separate spiral notebooks for these classes.  For 6th grade, please obtain a BLUE, two-pocket folder with center clips.  No spiral notebook is required for 4th/5th grades.

• Inexpensive earbuds for all technology classes (go to dollar store).

• Composition Journal for English, Social Studies and Science (graphing)

• Pencil pouch (optional)

• 1.5" - 2" binder (optional)

In general, calculators are not required at school.

No USB drives are permitted on campus. Cloud storage will be provided.