Mrs. Allyson Chiren

Email: Click Here for a quick question form  (or copy and paste my email address into your email-> )
Phone: (480) 308-7420 
(It is easier to get a hold of me via email. You will have to leave a voicemail if you contact me by phone.)


My End of Quarter Cut-Off date is Friday, March 2nd. All Extension Pass work, Fixes, Re-do's, and Extra Credit work (for my AR01 class) are due no later than Friday, March 2, 2018.

    -Collecting Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls

    -Collecting EMPTY gift cards for use as clay tools :)


About Mrs. Chiren

I graduated from ASU with a degree in Art Education in 2010 and have done all my observations and teaching within the Mesa Public School District. I am also an alum and have spent my own schooling, kindergarten through high school, in MPS.

This is my third year at the Academy and I am very excited to get to know all my new students and their parents, and reconnect with my returning students and their families. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or compliments. I look forward to meeting you and creating some fantastic art this year!

I expect students bring the following into the art room:

- The ability to relax, create, and enjoy exploring art mediums and their capabilities
- An open-mindedness and consideration of fellow artists, awareness of shared art supplies and work space, and acceptance of other students' varying degree of ability
- A desire to be engaged with what is happening in the art room

School Art Schedule   

Hour and Class                             Regular Schedule          Wednesday Schedule            2 Hour Early Release
1st Hour: SALK M, W, F    7:55am-9:00am 7:55am-8:54am 7:55am-8:38am
2nd Hour: SALK M, W, F   9:04am-10:03am 8:58am-9:52am 8:42am-9:22am
3rd Hour:  Prep 10:07am-11:05am 9:56am-10:50am 9:26am-10:06am
4th Hour: AR02 11:09am-12:07pm 10:54am-11:48am 10:10am-10:50am
 Lunch 12:07pm-12:37pm 11:48am-12:18pm 5th Hour 10:54am-11:30am
5th Hour: 4th Grade Art 12:41pm-1:46pm 12:21pm-1:13pm A Lunch 11:30am-12:00pm
6th Hour: 5th Grade Art   1:50pm-2:40pm 1:17pm-2:10pm 12:04pm-12:40pm
7th Hour:  AR02 2:45pm-3:42pm 2:18pm-3:12pm 12:58pm-1:42pm