Starting in April, you'll learn about your mandatory Reflection Project and make an appointment online for a Reflection Presentation. Then, show up for that Presentation Appointment prepared to share what you have learned during your service and to turn in your completed time card(s). You will share your project with a small group.  **No Service Learning hours can be counted until a completed timecard is turned in and a Reflection Project and Presentation are completed.** 


The purpose of the reflection project is for you to summarize, analyze and evaluate the successes and challenges of the service activities you completed during the past year.  You will present one reflection project for all the service you performed during the year.  For example, you may have been involved with several service projects, submitted two or more applications, and turned in two or more timecards.  But now, you just do one project that covers all your service activities.


          Choose the format for your reflection project from the options in the first box below.  You must report on EACH of the five topics listed in the SECOND section to receive credit for your hours. You will do this with Mrs. Chiren at a Reflection Appointment. Your reflection presentation should not exceed 3 minutes in length, so SUMMARIZE!


·       Essay responding to the topics below

·       Annotated poster (pictures and memorabilia with written answers to the questions)

·       Scrap book or annotated photo album

·       Video or powerpoint presentation

·       Your choice: Get approval from your Service Learning Coach

NOTE: Your “speech” is based on one of these formats.  Just getting up and verbally answering the questions below is not an acceptable reflection presentation.



1.     Where did you volunteer and who were you helping?

2.    What service activities did you perform at those sites?

3.    What did you learn about other people and yourself from your service activities?

4.    What skills did you learn that might help you in the future with your education, career, and volunteer plans?

5.    What is your most memorable story from your service activities over the last year?  (It can be funny, sad, interesting, shocking, sweet, or any type.)

You'll Turn in a Completed Time Card at your Reflection appointment

A completed time card must be:

1.      Completely filled in

2.      Initialed by your supervisor for each date of service

3.      Signed and dated on the bottom/back

4.      The hours are totaled

5.      Turned in no later than May 6, 2022