Acuity: An Advanced Learning-Based Assessment System

Acuity is an advanced learning-based assessment system that helps teachers focus on the strategies that most effectively impact student achievement. Acuity provides the combination of valid and reliable contentand flexibility. In addition to high-quality pre-built assessments, teachers or administrators can create customized tests with Acuity's state correlated online item bank.

Acuity Resources

  • Three Predictive Benchmarks for grades 3-8 for Math & English Language Arts.
  • Diagnostic Common Core pre-made assessments that can be customized for grades 3rd through 8th. 
  • Thirty pre-made High School Common Core assessments for Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry.
  • Acuity reports are available in real-time and provide instructional direction down to the performance objective and Common Core standards.
  • Instructional Resources for remediation and enrichment including engaging activities, games, and personal tutorials. 
  • State-Correlated and Common Core Item Bank including 20,000 items for creating custom tests.
  • Performance task items for English Language Arts and Math available for grades 2nd through High School.  


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Acuity Contacts

Christine Leydon: 472-7281

Norman Peckham: 472-0016

Laura Wojciechowicz: 308-7534

Acuity Unwired Contacts

Teresa Williams: 472-0011

Karla Zahner: 472-0014

Effectiveness of Acuity