Phone: 480-472-4330

Welcome to 2017-18 school year!  It is so much fun and exciting to have a new beginning in third grade! 

Please check back every once in a while to see what is happening in our class.

School starts everyday at 7:40 with breakfast in the classroom. Breakfast is free for every child.  Your child doesn't have to eat but it is available.

Early release is every Wednesday at 1:15. Otherwise, school gets out at 2:15


I started at Adams as an aide in second grade, third grade and kindergarten classrooms.  I student taught with Mrs. Reed in fifth grade while I finished my schooling at Ottawa University.  As soon as I graduated, I started teaching first grade which was quite the experience and just fun!  My first first graders are now graduated and starting college, hopefully! 

 I Iove being at Adams!  I have taught first, first/second, third and ELL 3/4 grades.  I enjoy teaching reading and writing skills to our students and seeing them grow and improve each year.  I am always amazed to see my old students who come in to visit who seem to have grown up far too fast!