Retirement Special Issue, May 20, 2020

Congratulations and best wishes to our 2019-20 retirees

You'll be missed - enjoy your retirementJackie Arzt, Title I School Improvement Specialist, Lowell Elementary, 16 years
David Ashcraft, SLD, Hermosa Vista Elementary, 15 years

Esmeralda Bates, 6th Grade, Lindbergh Elementary, 24 years
Dale Belcourt, Systems Support Analyst, Information Systems, 14 years
Carol Bennett, English, Mountain View High, 14 years
Nancy Berthold, Math, Mesa High, 30 years
Alejandra Berumen, Instructional Assistant SPED II, Kino Junior High, 25 years
Ann Bingham, Bus Aide, Transportation, 20 years
Bruce Bingham, Supervisor, Vehicle Maintenance, 10 years
Tysha Blaylock, 1st Grade, Sousa Elementary, 29 years
Katrina Blouin, Humanities, Summit Academy, 16 years
Kay Boyer, Assistant to General Counsel, Legal Services, 20 years
John Patrick Brady, Bus Driver, Transportation, 9 years
Ellen Brown, 4th Grade, Roosevelt Elementary, 10 years
Katherine Burgess, Title I School Improvement Specialist, Porter Elementary, 34 years

Roseanne Calander, Science, Fremont Junior High, 4 years
Debby Caldwell, Training Accounting Technician, Financial Services, 31 years
Michele Carbajal, Sub SPED Instructional Assistant, O'Connor Elementary, 18 years
Rosanne Carlson, 3rd Grade, Porter Elementary, 35 years
Margaret Carreiro, 6th Grade, Summit Academy, 18 years
Carla Carter, Itinerant Early Childhood Special Education, Red Mountain Center for Early Education, 16 years
Josefina Castaneda, Custodian Lead SH, Red Mountain High, 23 years
Margarita Chong, Secretary II, Title I, 28 years
Sheri Christensen, 5th Grade, Franklin East Elementary, 23 years
Teresa Christian, 5th Grade, Roosevelt Elementary, 5 years
David Clark, 6th Grade, Salk Elementary, 14 years
Virginia Clinton, SLD, Westwood High, 29 years
Larry Clouse, Project M.E.S.A. Teacher, Teaching & Learning, 51 years
Olga Contreras, SEI Technician II, ELAD/Sirrine, 15 years
Michael Conway, Social Studies, Kino Junior High, 20 years
David Cross, Landscape Worker, Grounds, 1 year

Carolyn Dean, Instructional Assistant SPED I-SC, Entz Elementary, 21 years
Debee Demolina, ELAD Content Specialist, ELAD, 26 years
Kathleen Devenport, Kindergarten, Webster Elementary, 20 years
Betty Dial, Child Nutrition Elementary Manager, Food & Nutrition-Field, 20 years

Hui Kyong Eddins, Instructional Assistant SPED I-SC, Taylor Junior High, 14 years
Sean Edvardsen, HVAC Technician, Maintenance, 30 years
Cynthia Enfinger, English, Westwood High, 6 years

Ed Fisher, Grounds Lead, Grounds-Dobson, 9 years
Korin Forbes, SSRC Content Specialist, Teaching & Learning, 28 years
Victoria Ford, Special Education, Dobson High, 26 years
Michael Fournier, Refrigeration Mechanic J, Food & Nutrition, 21 years

Diane Gillman, Reading Intervention, Lindbergh Elementary, 17 years
Patricia Gizzi, Instructional Assistant Title I, Highland Arts Elementary, 37 years
Mary Gossen, DD - Developmental Delay, Adams Elementary, 10 years
Teresa Grasser, 4th Grade, Kerr Elementary, 24 years
Deborah Greffe, Elementary PE, Franklin at Brimhall Elementary, 30 years

Gayla Hall, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 13 years
Dan Hampton, Bus Driver, Transportation, 8 years
Florence Hanson, Music, Summit Academy, 8 years
Russell Heath, Principal, Taft Elementary, 23 years
Lynn Heidemann, 2nd Grade, Pomeroy Elementary, 32 years
Jill Helms, Secretary II, Special Education, 11 years
Michele Hemmerlin, CTE, Red Mountain High, 25 years
Lois Hench, Kindergarten, Whittier Elementary, 2 years
Patricia Herivel, Child Nutrition Secondary Manager, Food & Nutrition-Shepherd, 24 years
Shari Hess, Counselor, Mountain View High, 15 years
Diane Hobbs, Instructional Assistant SLD, Johnson Elementary, 9 years
Linda Hofmann, 3rd Grade, Franklin at Alma Elementary, 17 years
Lorijane Hoover, Human Resources Supervisor, Food & Nutrition, 26 years
Caroline Hopkins, Early Childhood Special Education, Johnson Elementary, 31 years
Rosemary Hotten, Health Assistant, Wilson Elementary, 12 years
Debbie Hovey, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Patterson, 20 years
Cyndi Hubbard, 3rd Grade, Hermosa Vista Elementary, 29 years
Donald Hughes, Warehouse Worker, MDC, 6 years
Bonnie Hundley, CTE, Skyline High, 15 years

Sadie Ishikawa, General Clerk, Stapley Junior High, 8 years

Elizabeth Jauregui, Spanish, Dobson High, 24 years
Edgar Jones, Security Monitor, Skyline High, 5 years
Deborah Junkes, 5th Grade, Las Sendas Elementary, 17 years

Brad Kaufman, Social Studies, Red Mountain High, 31 years
Lisa Keeslar, Elementary PE, Ishikawa Elementary, 30 years
Melinda Knoles, 1st Grade, Hale Elementary, 13 years
Karen Krause, 4th Grade, Field Elementary, 21 years

Connie LaMar, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 15 years
Rod Larkins, Music, Hermosa Vista Elementary, 33 years
Ronald Lawson, 6th Grade, Sousa Elementary, 25 years
Rock Leonard, Supervisor, Educational Television, 33 years
Helen Lewis, Psychologist, Special Education, 17 years
Guadalupe Lopez-Guizar, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Kino, 19 years

Cathy Magana, 2nd Grade, Crismon Elementary, 30 years
Lynette Mahon, Title I School Improvement Specialist, Madison Elementary, 34 years
Dennis Marcum, Music, Carson Junior High, 21 years
Robert Martinez, Custodial Site Manager, Red Mountain High, 27 years
Virginia Martinez, Child Nutrition Elementary Manager, Food & Nutrition-Ishikawa, 30 years
Sharon Mattingly, Child Nutrition Elementary Manager, Food & Nutrition-Falcon Hill, 5 years
Janet Mecham, 2nd Grade, Salk Elementary, 22 years
Luis Medrano, Grounds Worker II, Grounds, 19 years
Regina Melendrez, 4th Grade, Redbird Elementary, 31 years
Brenda Mentzer, Child Nutrition Secondary Manager, Food & Nutrition-Westwood, 20 years
Karen Middleton, Account Clerk, Operations, 6 years
Libby Midkiff, ESEA Specialist, Title I Department, 5 years
Rebecca Millecam, Special Education, Mesa High, 11 years
Susan Miller, Instructional Assistant Title I, Mendoza Elementary, 23 years
Patricia Minnick, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Poston, 25 years
Cheryl Montgomery, Senior Analyst, Financial Services, 30 years
Christy Montgomery, 2nd Grade, Keller Elementary, 22 years
Ivy Morrow, Crossing Guard, Falcon Hill Elementary, 22 years
Marriam Motamedi, 4th Grade, Lindbergh Elementary, 20 years
Pamela Mulhearn, Director, Financial Services, 4 years
Felicia Muller, 6th Grade, Franklin East Elementary, 36 years

Barbara Nelson, Resource Center Specialist, Fremont Junior High, 31 years
Cindy Nelson, SLD, Mendoza Elementary, 15 years
Deborah Nelson, Child Nutrition Elementary Manager, Food & Nutrition-Redbird, 32 years
Steven Nissen, Physical Education, Westwood High, 31 years
Lucy Northrup, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Red Mountain High, 20 years

Richard Oyler, Custodian, Skyline High, 17 years

Keith Parker, CTE-Industrial Technology, Smith Junior High, 25 years
Tara Peckenpaugh, Audiology Technician, Audiology, 21 years
Jerri Lee Pendleton, 3rd Grade, O'Connor Elementary, 35 years
Rosann Perry, Gifted & Talented, Eisenhower Center for Innovation, 8 years
Gini Pittsenbarger, Supervisor, MDC, 31 years
Joann Postert, Instructional Staff, Franklin West, 32 years
Linda Proctor, SLP, Special Education/Redbird, 34 years

Linda Quaranta, Health Assistant, MacArthur Elementary, 4 years

Joseph Reilly, English/History, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 20 years
Carolyn Rice, SLD, Ishikawa Elementary, 24 years
Deborah Richter, Psychologist, Special Education/Irving, 11 years
Michele Roberts, Resource Center Specialist, Westwood High, 22 years
Ronald Robinson, Operations, Roosevelt Elementary, 14 years
Troy Robinson, Computer Repair Technician, Information Systems, 30 years
Phyllis Rocco, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Taylor, 6 years
Michele Romanoski, Nurse, SHARP, 38 years
Juliet Rosales-Johnson, English, Westwood High, 18 years
Patricia Rossi, Office Specialist Elementary, Summit Academy, 26 years
Maria Ruiz, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Kerr, 13 years

Albert Santiago, Custodian Area Support, Custodial, 9 years
Linda Sargent, MIID, Mountain View High, 20 years
Patricia Scarpino, Title I School Improvement Specialist, Title I Department, 24 years
Paul Shaffer, Early Childhood Special Education, O'Connor Elementary, 30 years
Lynn Shepherd, Gifted & Talented, Madison Elementary, 7 years
Michael Sims, CTE-Computer Science, Fremont Junior High, 13 years
Ron Skinner, Math, Red Mountain High, 20 years
Ian Slade, Combo Painter J, Maintenance, 31 years
Cathy Smith, Early Childhood Special Education, Red Mountain Center for Early Education, 17 years
Owen Spotten, Custodian Lead-District, Custodial, 30 years
Debbi Stevens, English, East Valley Academy/Crossroads, 15 years
Darcy Swanson, Title I School Improvement Specialist, Pomeroy Elementary, 29 years

Regina Taft, Child Nutrition Assistant, Food & Nutrition-Westwood, 19 years
Penti Tarpeh Jr., Math, Poston Junior High, 10 years
Barbara Taylor, Living Skills Assistant, Lowell Elementary, 23 years
Gerardo Teran, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance, 24 years
Mike Thomas, Mechanic I J Lead, Maintenance, 41 years
Yvonne Thompson, Office Specialist, Red Mountain Ranch, 13 years
Deborah Tichenor, Child Nutrition Cashier, Food & Nutrition-Taylor, 33 years
Kay Tiller, 1st Grade, Bush Elementary, 31 years
Kimberly Trezise, Spanish, Carson Junior High, 2 years

Ignacio Valdez, Facility Assistant, Robson Elementary, 20 years
Alcario Valencia, Custodian, Dobson, 13 years
Joseph Vert, Facility Assistant, Franklin Junior High, 12 years

Carol Waddell, SLD, Edison Elementary, 18 years
Carole Warren, 5th Grade, Washington Elementary, 17 years
Janet Wendel, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources, 14 years
James White, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 8 years
Cecil Williams, Instructional Assistant, Webster Elementary, 21 years
Mitzi Willis, 2nd Grade, Stevenson Elementary, 24 years
Carol Wilson, Clerical Aide, Mountain View High, 5 years
Robert Wilson, Bus Aide, Transportation, 5 years

Kathryn Yost, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 13 years

Frank Zapata, Custodian, Westwood High, 8 years
Elsa Zindel, Instructional Assistant, Summit Academy, 2 years
Loretta Zullo, Director, Food & Nutrition, 25 years

Includes announced retirees through May 11, 2020


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