Volume 41, No. 14, May 3, 2013

Most years of service

Irayda Castle, 38
Cecilia Woody, 37
Nancy Young, 36
Debra Wiskirchen, 36
Jonathan Fincher, 36
Marcia Whisler, 36
Loretta Scott, 35
Donna Blackmer, 35 


Congratulations to our MPS retirees!

List of 2012-13 retirees *

Almost 250 employees are retiring this year, after devoting more than 4,700 years to student achievement and support services in Mesa Public Schools. More than half have been with MPS for at least 20 years.

Retiree reception

Retirees were invited to the Mesa Convention Center for a reception with the Superintendency and the Governing Board. Retirees were treated to:

  • music by the Red Mountain High School Jazz Ensemble, directed by Vincent Wedge
  • remarks by Mike Nichols, board president, and Mike Cowan, superintendent
  • introduction of retirees by Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo, MPS community liaison, and David Luna, educational television director
  • a receiving line for personal words of appreciation from district officials 
  • certificates of recognition, expressing heartfelt appreciation for faithfully serving Mesa Public Schools, accepting responsibility with energy and integrity, and devoting time and talent to the education of our youth
  • VIP key chains, which serve as lifetime passes to school events
  • and a big round of applause!

A message from the superintendent

"We appreciate and honor the many retirees who have contributed so much to Mesa Public Schools," said Mike Cowan, superintendent. "We all recognize that when these good folks leave, there will occur a very real loss to this school district.
"We are thankful they have been here to contribute their thoughts and efforts toward improving our school system. We thank them for all they have done."

* Retiree notifications received after the reception

Lalanda Bailey, Bus Aide, Transportation, 1990-2013, 22 years
Sharon L. Blair, Child Nutrition Secondary Manager, Kino Junior High, 2000-2013, 12
Linda Blaylock, Instructional Assistant, Patterson Elementary, 2000-2013, 12
Marta C. Bradshaw, Instructional Assistant Special Education II, Franklin East, 1991-2013, 21
Margaret A. Brennan, MIID, Irving Elementary, 1991-2013, 22
David Bousselot, Bus Driver, Transportation, 2007-2013, 5
Douglas Clemons, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance, 1985-2013, 27
Jeanette Cloete, Bus Aide, Transportation, 2006-2013, 6

Sherri D. Code, Science, Shepherd Junior High, 1990-2013, 23
Constance Cosgrove, Clerical Aide Special Education, Jefferson Elementary, 1993-2013
Stephen D. Culver, Security Monitor, Red Mountain High, 1993-2013, 20
Bonnie L. Davey, ELD Kindergarten, Jefferson Elementary, 1993-2013, 20
Kevin F. Fleming, Grounds Lead, Grounds, 2006-2013, 6
Irma Forry, Instructional Assistant Special Education II, Skyline High School, 1993-2013
Carmella R. Gallivan, Child Nutrition Secondary Manager, Food and Nutrition, 1986-2013, 27 
Gary Lewis, Gardner, Grounds, 1980-2013, 32
Camella R Gallivan, Cafeteria & Nutrition Secondary Manager, Food & Nutrition, 1986-2013, 26 years
Janet Glover, Secretary to Principal, Crismon Elementary, 1988-2013, 25
Richard F. Johnson, Utility Worker, Maintenance, 2004-2013, 9
Ethlyn M. Jones, Bus Aide, Transportation, 2005-2013, 7 years
Donna J. Kasper, Toddler Program Manager, Community Education, 2001-2013, 11 years
Kimberly J. Lilly, Social Studies, Sklyline High , 1987-2013, 26
Beverly J. Lueders, Child Nutrition Assistant II, Las Sendas Elementary, 2008-2013, 5 1/2
Deborah B. Lynn, Instructional Assistant, Redbird Elementary, 1997-2013, 16 years
Diana K. Martin, GUS Instructional Assistant, Irving Elementary 1988-2013, 24
Robert Martinez, Instructional Assistant, Irving Elementary, 2007-2013, 5
Susan M. Mayfield, Secretary to Principal, MacArthur Elementary, 1980-2013, 32 years
Jacquelyn Mellor, Instructional Assistant II, Special Education, 1982-2013, 31 years
Denice M. Morales, Spanish Teacher, Westwood High School, 1992-2013, 21
Dalles Peebles, Math Teacher, Red Mountain High, 1991-2013, 22
Diane K. Rand, Bus Driver, Transportation, 1978-2013, 35 
Carol J. Richards, Instructional Assistant, Johnson Elementary, 1986-2013, 26
Barbara Ringer, Secretary to Principal, Roosevelt Elementary, 1989-2013, 23
Leslie D. Sena, Instructional Assistant/Crossing Guard, Crismon Elementary, 1995-2013, 18 years
David P. Shuff, Director of Student Support Services, Guidance, 1983-2013, 30
John P. Smith, Facility Assistant, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 2006-2013, 7
Lorinda S. Steadman, Reading/English, Taylor Junior High, 1998-2013, 15
Susan K. Stearns, Secretary to Principal, Whitman, 1986-2013, 26
Deborah K. Stockdale, Austism, SHARP, 1992-2013, 21
Mary J. Strickland, Word Processor, SSRC, 1990-2013, 22
Bonnie L. Sutton, Office Specialist, Highland Elementary, 1985-2013, 28 
Russell W. Thompson, Supervisor, Systems Support, Information Systems, 1998-2013, 14
Lupe G. Thorn, Bus Driver, Transportation, 1997-2013, 16
Eleanor M Warnick, Bus Driver, Transportation, 2006-2013, 5 years 
D.L. Werre, Office Specialist, Roosevelt Elementary, 1988-2013, 24
James Whitener, Bus Driver, Transporation, 2001-2013, 11 years 


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