Veterans Special Issue: Volume 43, Number 6, Nov. 6, 2014

Election results; Salute to our veterans

Election Results

My vote is my voice . . . and the voice of all who struggled, so that I may have my voice. ~Lydia C. Obasi, college student

Congratulations to our new board members

On Nov. 4, community members cast their votes in the general election for two open seats on the Mesa Public Schools Governing Board. Unofficial results are in, and the district would like to welcome Mrs. Jenny Richardson and Mr. Benjamin (Ben) Smith to the Board. They will take their seats in January 2015. Thank you to Board President Mike Hughes and Board Clerk Michelle Udall who will complete their service in December. We value your commitment and dedication to the students of Mesa.

Override continuation passes 

Voters in Mesa Public Schools approved the continuation of a 10 percent maintenance and operations budget override.  The $31.8 million decision was supported by nearly 54 percent of voters, according to unofficial results. Override funds go to salaries and benefits, staff training and programs. 

Saluting Our Veterans

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.   ~John F. Kennedy

Everyone at Mesa Public Schools extends their thanks and appreciation to the following employees who submitted their service information, and to all who have served.

United States Air Force

Chris Albach Dobson High School 1984-1988
Lin Barry Johnson Montessori 1981-1987
Laurie Bridges Red Mountain Ranch Elementary 1986-1994
Katrina Dobson East Valley Academy Security 1990-2000
Bill Egan Red Mountain High School 1986-1990
Frank Garner Keller Elementary 1980-1984
Kirk B. Greensfelder Dobson AFJROTC 1976-2005
Kristina Hamm Purchasing 1995-1995
Daniel Hurst Red Mountain High School 1976-1981
Ken Jacox Mesa High School 1983-2004
Gary S. Keilbart Operations 1982-1988
David Kinney Operations/Custodial 1963-1970
Lourdes Marcano Kerr Elementary 1975-1979
Vernon R. Newton Mesa High School AFJROTC 1974-1995
Cynthia M. Pearson Mountain View High School 1985-1993
Bradley Peterson Educational Technology 2001-2005
Mike Seykoski Operations/Electrical 1969-1971
Michael Sims Fremont Junior High/CTE 1975-1999
Zsuzsa Szabo Dobson High School 2007-2011
Scott Theron Superstition High School 1997-2001
Brian Walker Mesa High School 1984-2013
Joleen Wheeler Skyline High School 1990-2001
Craig A. Zimmerman Patterson Elementary  1982-2009

United States Army

David Careaga Longfellow Elementary 1993-1998
Brent Dunford Webster Elementary 1979-1982
Jeff Eastman Westwood Special Education 2003-2007
William Fallon Custodial Site Mgr/Dobson HS 1972-1995
Jeannie Frederiksen Redbird Elementary 1999-2002
Robert Guyton Westwood High School 1980-1984
Thomas M. Hagen Mountain View High School 1974-1999
Richard Hawk Riverview High School 1989-1992
Kay Hedden SSC Special Education 1981-1982
Jeff Huffman Mountain View High School 1983-1989
Ralph King Field Elementary 1975-1978
Randy Mann Johnson Elementary 1982-1990
Vickie A. Martinez Rhodes Junior High 1983-1986
Arthur Martinez Vehicle Maintenance 1984-1993
David McGee MDC 1979-1999
Donald Nelson Poston Junior High 1991-1995
Toni Ochoa Franklin at Alma 1982-1988
Carlene Olmsted Fremont Junior High 1982-1998
Raymond Pfriem Mesa High School 1986-1990
Derek Pinsonneault Kino Junior High 2011-2014
Nicole Powell Hale Elementary 1982-1989
Ted Rhodes Red Mountain High JROTC 1978-2006
Mike Russell Summit Academy K-6 1981-1985
Laura Sokol Skyline High School 1993-1998
Lori Stockman Stapley Junior High 1992-1996
John Till Information Systems 1980-1986
Aaron Ullman Red Mountain High 1990-1995
Linda Valuikas Kino Junior High 1983-1994

United States Coast Guard

Daniel Kuhn Poston Junior High School 1986-1991

United States Marine Corps

Jose Aceves Keller Elementary 2006-2010
 Robert Culver Taylor Junior High 1996-2000
Jodie Dean Kino Junior High 1990-1999
Art Gallardo Red Mountain High School 1981-1987
Karsten Hansen Salk Elementary 1975-1996
Jaime Jimenez District Security 1993-1997
Adam Noble Mesa High School 2010-2014
Ken Stegall Grounds 1978-1982
Jeffrey Wallace Skyline High School 1990-1993

United States Navy

Andrew Beck Shepherd Junior High 1994-1998
 Mark Cropp Mesa High School 1977-1997
Nancy Munoz Entz Elementary 1992-1996
Darla Norton Curriculum and Instruction 1985-1989
Cynthia Nunez Field Kids Corner 2004-2008
Randy Ross Shepherd Junior High 1983-1991
Dennis Schaub Transportation 1973-1978
Teresa Schmitt Rhodes Junior High 1987-1991
Lisa Marie Schow Porter Elementary 1983-1987
Farrah Secody NAEP 1997-2002
Craig Smith Stevenson Elementary 1990-1995
Zachary C. Taylor Vehicle Maintenance, Stapley 1989-1996
Lois Vignali Red Mountain High School 1982-1988
Jacob Webb Information Systems 2009-2013
Sharla Winjum Rhodes Junior High 1998-2006


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