Retirement special issue, May 18, 2021

We appreciate our 2020-21 retirees

Dr. Fourlis, Wayne Hill, Marcie Hutchinson and Jenny Richardson posed and smiling at the May 11 2021 retirement receptionThe Governing Board and district leadership hosted a drive-through reception May 11 for the 2020-21 retirees of Mesa Public Schools. Look for familiar faces in the photo gallery from the event.

We extend our congratulations and best wishes to...

Douglas Akey, Music, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, 34 years
Debbie Allen, 5th Grade, Las Sendas Elementary, 16 years
Inagean Anderson, Secretary, Eagleridge, 30 years
Jose Alberto Arroyo, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 24 years
Jose Asturias, Press Operator, Printing & Publishing, 20 years

Cathy Ball, Resource Center Specialist, Carson Junior High, 27 years
Vivien Barcia, 6th Grade, Hermosa Vista Elementary, 29 years
Carol Bates, Clerical Aide, Pomeroy Elementary, 19 years
Sonia Bazan Rodriguez, Instructional Assistant SPED I - Resource, Kino Junior High, 11 years
Carole Bean, 5th Grade, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary, 15 years
Mary Becker, Health Assistant, Madison Elementary, 30 years
Patricia Benard, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 6 years
Jeffrey Bessolo, 3rd Grade, Patterson Elementary, 32 years
Marla Birney, Instructional Assistant, Porter Elementary, 5 years
Sarah Bodeman, 2nd Grade ELD, Lowell Elementary, 8 years
M. Rebecca Bond, Secretary to Principal, Pomeroy Elementary, 35 years
Lori Borr, Instructional Coach, Special Education, 2 years
Michele Bowman, 6th Grade, Ishikawa Elementary, 28 years
Kristi L. Brown, Resource Center Specialist, Porter Elementary, 33 years
Leslie Brown Mata, Kindergarten, Highland Arts Elementary, 13 years
Tiffany Bunstein, MID - Mild Disability, Dobson High, 27 years
Timothy Bursell, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 3 years
Kristine Burton, Kindergarten, Hermosa Vista Elementary, 24 years
Barbara Butzen, Secretary to Principal, Field Elementary, 29 years

Teresa Carlson, Registrar, Stapley Junior High, 18 years
Peter Caruso, English, Skyline High, 28 years
Angel Castillo, Bus Aide, Transportation, 9 years
Felix Castrichini, Carpenter II, Maintenance, 21 years
Frank Castro, Warehouse Worker, Operations, 30 years
Terri Ann Caves, Gifted & Talented, Las Sendas Elementary, 21 years
Jennifer Chilton, Music, Shepherd Junior High, 30 years
Robert Chilton, Music, Smith Junior High, 4 years
Dan Christian, Lead Electronic Technician, Maintenance, 30 years
Kara Clay, English, Franklin Junior High, 25 years
Nola Clayton, 4th Grade, Franklin at Brimhall Elementary, 6 years
Jim Clemens, 4th Grade, Hermosa Vista Elementary, 27 years
Denise Cook, Kindergarten, Ishikawa Elementary, 10 years
Kimberly Cooper, VI - Visual Impairment, Special Education, 17 years
Richard Copps Jr., Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 15 years
Nona Covert, Resource Center Specialist, Mountain View High, 12 years

Darlene Darger, Resource Teacher, Redbird Elementary, 6 years
Laurie Davis, 2nd Grade, Bush Elementary, 22 years
Cruz De Siqueiros, Custodian, Operations, 14 years
Petra Delgado, Custodian, Westwood High, 28 years
Cynthia Demeulenaere, Clerical Aide, Hale Elementary, 25 years
Margaret Devane, Kindergarten, Webster Elementary, 14 years
Kenneth Dixon, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 7 years
Dana Dobson, Physical Education, Stapley Junior High, 34 years
Ruth Dutton, Math, Taylor Junior High, 31 years

Andrew Edwards, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 5 years
Colleen Elliott, Instructional Assistant, Pomeroy Elementary, 17 years
Richard Ence, Career & Technical Education, Dobson High, 10 years
Rafael Esqueda, Bus Driver, Transportation, 4 years

Angela Fatica, Resource Teacher, O'Connor Elementary, 16 years
Mark Feliz, VI - Visual Impairment Itinerant, Special Education, 33 years
Karen Fjerkenstad, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 12 years
Lori Flake, 6th Grade, Madison Elementary, 25 years
Francisco Flores, Facility Assistant, Franklin East Elementary, 25 years
Michelle Fowler, ED - Emotional Disability, Adams Elementary, 10 years
Neil Francis, Instructional Assistant, Guerrero Elementary, 3 years
Catherine Frosina, Preschool - SPED II IA-SC, Red Mountain Center for Early Education, 32 years

David Gailey, Instructional Assistant, Patterson Elementary, 6 years
Deanna Gaiser, Secretary I, Gifted & Talented, 16 years
Mike Garcia, 3rd Grade, Patterson Elementary, 30 years
Rebecca Gibson, Clerical Aide Special Education, Field Elementary, 28 years
Jeanette Gordon, 4th Grade ELD, Lowell Elementary, 27 years
Cindy Gregory, Instructional Assistant, O'Connor Elementary, 10 years

Susan Harding, 5th Grade, Franklin West Elementary, 28 years
Angela Hartwell, Social Studies, Smith Junior High, 30 years
Karen Harwood, Bookstore Manager, Mountain View High, 32 years
Edward Hazlett, Social Studies, Red Mountain High, 2 years
LeAnn Heaton, HR Technician, Human Resources, 30 years
Lisa Hebting, Kindergarten, Red Mountain Ranch Elementary, 31 years
Nancy Hermand, SEI Tech, Porter Elementary, 15 years
Cheryl Hickey, 3rd Grade, Madison Elementary, 25 years
Tom Higdon, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 10 years
Herschel Wayne "Coach" Hill, Counselor, Westwood High, 19 years (pictured with Superintendent Andi Fourlis, and Governing Board members Marcie Hutchinson and Jenny Richardson)
Deborah Hodo, Reading, Summit Academy, 20 years
Steve Hogen, Director, Athletics, 39 years
Colleen Howard, STEM Specialist, Science, Social Sciences and Mathematics, 33 years
Mari-Lynn Hunter, Kindergarten, Washington Elementary, 18 years

Shelly Imburgia, Audiology Technician, Audiology, 1 year
Margaret Indrelunas, Nurse, Washington Elementary, 16 years

Penny L. Jacques, 6th Grade, MacArthur Elementary, 22 years
M. Randy Jarvis, Industrial Technology, Carson Junior High, 40 years
Lujean Jenkins, Bus Driver, Transportation, 15 years
Christina Judd, Secretary to Principal, Fremont Junior High, 19 years
William G. Jump, Physical Education, Skyline High, 7 years

Robert Kaczmarek, Bus Driver/Trainer, Transportation, 8 years
Roxanne Karges, FACS - Family and Consumer Sciences, Smith Junior High, 16 years
Linda Karlson, Secretary to Principal, Webster Elementary, 5 years
Mary Kary, MID - Mild Disability, Redbird Elementary, 17 years
William King, Supervisor, Printing & Publishing, 20 years
Jeffery Kinsman, Facility Assistant, Taylor Junior High, 7 years
Karen Kleinholz, Accounting Specialist, Payroll, 11 years
Laura Kneisel, Resource Teacher, Washington Elementary, 27 years
Lois Kohlmeyer, Bus Aide, Transportation, 12 years
Elma Kulenty, Bus Aide, Transportation, 6 years
Stephen Kulik, Physical Education, Poston Junior High, 15 years

Bonny Landrey, Data Specialist, Human Resources, 30 years
Sharilyn Larsen, Gifted & Talented, Porter Elementary, 24 years
Nancy Lawrence, Art, Red Mountain High, 26 years
Terry Leach, Service Worker II, Vehicle Maintenance, 9 years
Jan Lemon-Saquella, CTE Content Specialist, Career & Technical Education, 16 years
Anne Leroy, Autism, Stapley Junior High, 28 years
Sue Lewicki, Resource Teacher, Las Sendas Elementary, 3 years
Laurie Lidman, Office Assistant, Eagleridge, 21 years
Ruth Liles, Instructional Assistant, Highland Arts Elementary, 14 years
Clara Lindquist, Office Specialist, Madison Elementary, 19 years
Yvonne Long, English, Mesa High, 21 years
Susan Lopez, Instructional Assistant, Emerson Elementary, 25 years
Jillian Lowe, Social Studies, Fremont Junior High, 22 years
Claire Luketich, Nurse, Kerr/Whitman Elementary, 12 years
Deb Lynch, Principal, Mendoza Elementary, 27 years

Lois Lynette H. Madsen, Office Specialist, Taft Elementary, 27 years
Cathy Marcham-Pettit, Registrar, Summit Academy, 23 years
Jonathan Martin, Bus Driver, Transportation, 18 years
Gracie Martinez, Bus Aide, Transportation, 25 years
Jane Martinez, Custodian, Transportation, 26 years
Rosemary Mascarenas, Custodian, Brimhall Campus, 15 years
Annick Mason, SD - Severe Disability, Lowell Elementary, 1 year
Karen McCasland, 1st Grade, Franklin at Alma Elementary, 39 years
Bradley McGee, Gifted & Talented, Taft Elementary, 23 years
Lynn Merrill-Akin, GUS - Kindergarten, Webster Elementary, 26 years
Cynthia Meschede, Math, Red Mountain High, 30 years
Leslie Meyer, English, Skyline High, 2 years
Lillian Meyer, Child Nutrition Assistant, Washington Elementary, 24 years
Debora Meza, Instructional Assistant GUS, Webster Elementary, 22 years
Darlene Mowers, Secretary II, Special Education, 41 years
Wendy Mueller, Workers Compensation Supervisor, Employee Benefits, 20 years
Melinda Mullins, 2nd Grade, Lindbergh Elementary, 27 years
Alicia Munoz, SEI Tech II, Kerr Elementary, 21 years
Andrea Murphy, Social Studies, Westwood High, 26 years

Leticia Navarro, Clerical Aide, Redbird Elementary, 15 years
Paul Nedbalek, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 9 years
Eileen Nichols, 1st Grade, Irving Elementary, 40 years
Kathleen Niichel, Non Instructional Assistant, Brinton Elementary, 11 years
Steven Nikodym, Physical Education, Smith Junior High, 21 years
Anahi Nosek, Office Specialist, Porter Elementary, 32 years
Lori Nottingham, Kindergarten, Whittier Elementary, 3 years

Debra Odle, Math, Smith Junior High, 19 years
Sonja Olson, Child Nutrition Assistant, Fremont Junior High, 8 years
Nancy Ortega, Bus Aide, Transportation, 13 years

GeorgeAnn Park, 2nd Grade, Roosevelt Elementary, 17 years
Kathy Parker, ED - Emotional Disability, Shepherd Junior High, 34 years
Donna V. Parker, English, Mountain View High, 25 years
Justin Peck, Lead Custodian, Fremont, 30 years
John Pennington, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 11 years
Kristy Perkins, Clerical Aide/Non Instructional Aide, Entz Elementary, 27 years
Camille Peters, Instructional Assistant SPED II, Mountain View High, 9 years
Karen Petersen, Instructional Assistant, Eisenhower Center for Innovation, 1 year
Veronica Phillips, Resource Center Specialist, Holmes Elementary, 10 years
Deborah Pierce, Instructional Assistant SEI, Lehi Elementary, 20 years
Diana Porcelli, Instructional Assistant SPED II, SHARP, 13 years
Kimberlee Pratt, 3rd Grade, Robson Elementary, 30 years
David Price, Social Studies, Dobson High, 19 years
Charmon Puhlmann, Bus Driver, Transportation, 19 years

Joanne Quinn Drenth, Psychologist, Special Education, 12 years

Lois Rainwater, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 3 years
Kathleen Rath, SLP - Speech and Language Pathologist, Washington Elementary, 15 years
Stephanie Rehm, Preschool IA - SPED I, Mesa Education Center, 11 years
Silvia Reyes, SEI Tech, Keller Elementary, 23 years
Jerry Richardson, Academic Intervention, Social Studies, CTE, Mountain View High, 21 years
Peggy Rodemeyer, Secretary to Principal, Wilson Elementary, 31 years
Barbara Rogers, Clerical Aide, Irving Elementary, 3 years
Kristi Kay Roland, Eagleridge Instructor, Eagleridge, 25 years
Theresa Romero, Child Nutrition Assistant, Taylor Junior High, 12 years
Dawn Roos, Preschool - SPED II IA-SC, Keller Elementary, 30 years
Patty Roth, Clerical Aide, Rhodes Junior High, 13 years
Joyce Ruane, 1st Grade, Crismon Elementary, 14 years
Martha Ruiz, Custodian, Webster Elementary, 25 years
Kay Ryan, Counselor, Porter Elementary, 6 years

Don Sailer, Social Studies, Red Mountain High, 6 years
Norina Sambrano, 3rd Grade, Adams Elementary, 21 years
Cynthia Sandberg, Gifted & Talented, Longfellow Elementary, 25 years
Manuel Saucedo, Grounds Worker II, Grounds, 23 years
Galen J. Sawyer, 1st Grade, Franklin at Brimhall Elementary, 30 years
Dawn Schofield, Math, Carson Junior High, 21 years
Pamela Sesate, Child Nutrition Cashier, Taylor Junior High, 3 years
Suzanne Sill, Records Clerk, Special Education, 1 year
Susan Sitton, Clerical Aide Special Education, Johnson Elementary, 4 years
Colleen Smith, Instructional Coach, Special Education, 24 years
William Snyder, English, Carson Junior High, 7 years
Dawn Stanfel, Child Nutrition Manager, O'Connor Elementary, 18 years
Charles Starkey, Principal, Lowell Elementary, 19 years
Kathleen Stratman, Instructional Technology Assistant, Brinton Elementary, 29 years
Kathryn Suhaka, Instructional Assistant SPED II, Hughes Elementary, 8 years

Serena Tancer, Custodian Lead, Webster Elementary, 18 years
Leslie Taylor, 4th Grade, Bush Elementary, 8 years
Steven Taylor, Custodian, Red Mountain High, 12 years
Terrilyn Trejo, MID - Mild Disability, Red Mountain High, 28 years
Jill Tucker, 4th Grade, Johnson Elementary, 31 years
Maria Turdo, Family Support Specialist, Webster Elementary, 11 years

Betty Ulibarri, Instructional Assistant, Adams Elementary, 26 years

Gaye Vaterlaus, 4th Grade, Hale Elementary, 15 years
Robin Verdugo, Resource Teacher, Lowell Elementary, 6 years
Johnnine Vert, Resource Center Specialist, Mendoza Elementary, 36 years
Christian VonWald, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 6 years

David Walker, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 3 years
James Wallace, 6th Grade, Washington Elementary, 25 years
Constance Walters, 1st Grade, Bush Elementary, 28 years
Rob Waterman, Facility Assistant, Johnson Elementary, 15 years
Anthony Wells, Bus Driver Route, Transportation, 30 years
Cynthia Wightman, Resource Teacher, Smith Junior High, 15 years
Ruth A. Wilkins, Kindergarten ELD, Lincoln Elementary, 25 years
Wanda Arleen Wilson, Instructional Assistant, Keller Elementary, 24 years
Yolanda Wulff, Office Specialist, Whitman Elementary, 25 years

Sue Zuber, Resource Center Aide, Emerson Elementary, 24 years

Includes announced retirees through May 12, 2021.


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