Do You Want to Learn More about Architeck?

Summer Institute Classes Available for Certified Staff

  • Get Smart with Architeck
  • Architeck: Communicating through Newsletters
  • Architeck: Communicating with Calendars
  • Digital Citizenship: Copyright (This is the class required for posting audio and/or video to your Architeck website)
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New Architeck Smart Page Class Offered

Need help with Architeck's new Smart Page? Check out the Help site or sign up for the new Get Smart with Architeck class.

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Architeck 3.3 Released

A new school year is well underway, and we have another new Architeck release for you!

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Architeck Content and the Web Filter

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to school! No doubt, you've noticed that our ability to access the Web has changed this year. In short, we now have what is called "differentiated access". Staff have a higher tier of access to the Web, with much less being filtered. Students, wireless users, and other "guests" are still filtered normally. Additionally, the new filter blocks on...
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Basic Architeck Classes

Do you have staff members who have not been trained in Architeck? Do you need a refresher on the basics of Architeck? Basic Arckiteck classes are scheduled for the fall semester. Participants can choose the traditional face-to-face setting, or take the class online.

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