and the MPS Seal of Musical Excellence

Mesa Public Schools is excited to offer this new program and diploma designation which is aimed at those students wishing to pursue music as a career, or who wish to study music at an even deeper level.  This program will be offered at Mountain View High School starting in the Fall of 2018.  Students eligible for participation in this program are the Class of 2022 and beyond.  Of course, music students at Mountain View who do not wish to enroll in this special program still have the opportunity to participate in campus music classes and ensembles.  Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive the MPS Seal of Musical Excellence on their diploma.  Coursework has been designed so that students can get a head start on preparation for college music programs, and in some cases, they may be able to receive college credit or be able to test out of college music degree requirements.


This program is not for beginning-level musicians.  Students wishing to enter this program MUST have participated in the same type of musical ensemble (band, orchestra, or choir) in 7th and 8th grades and earned grades of no less than a "B."  To enter the program, students must enroll in the same type of musical ensemble in the 9th grade as well.  No later than December of their freshman year, students interested in joining the program must notify their student advisor at Mountain View so they can be registered for the proper coursework in the following years.  Please know in advance that at any time, if a student fails to meet the stated requirements for participation in this program, they will lose the opportunity for the special diploma designation.


Students enrolled in this program are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to study privately on their instrument or voice.  Private lessons will allow the student to advance more quickly, study an even wider range of music, and increase their chances at successfully auditioning for competitive ensembles and other music opportunities.  Quite often, college music programs expect that students will have studied privately for a number of years prior to being accepted in the college music program.  Please contact your MPS music teacher for guidance in selecting a qualified private instructor.


For questions regarding the Conservatory Program and the Seal of Musical Excellence, please contact Scott Burgener, MPS Music Education Department Specialist by e-mail or calling (480) 308-7350.

For questions specific to Mountain View High School, please contact the student advisement department at Mountain View.


During the rigorous four-year course of study in the Conservatory Program, students will be expected to complete the following courses:

  • All of the academic requirements of the MPS Standard Diploma.
  • Participation in the same type of musical ensemble (band, orchestra, or choir) during all four years of high school.  The last two years must be in a designated "advanced ensemble."  If the student auditions and fails to make an advanced ensemble, they will lose their opportunity to achieve the diploma designation.
  • Two years of the same world language.  In some cases, this can be satisfied in junior high school.  See your student advisor for more information.
  • Music and Culture - This is a new course which will focus on world music during first semester.
  • History of Western Music - This is a new course which will focus on European art music during second semester.
  • Class Piano - All students in the program will be expected to have a basic knowledge of playing the piano.  Students will have the option to "test out" of this requirement if they are trained piano players.  See one of the music teachers at Mountain View for how to do this.  If a student tests out of piano class, they must substitute another music class in its place, such as Guitar or other music ensembles on campus.
  • AP Music Theory - All conservatory students must register for this course.  It is recommended that you take the piano course prior to this one, as piano knowledge will greatly increase your success in music theory.
  • In all music ensembles and courses, students must not receive a letter grade lower than a "B."
  • In January of each year, students must complete a regional audition on their primary instrument or voice.  See your music teacher to register.  If selected for regional band, orchestra, or choir, students are then highly encouraged to audition for the all-state level ensembles.


Dr. Temme conducting the Mountain View orchestra
Mr. Schreiber conducting the Mountain View choir
Mr. Risch conducting the Mountain View band

Program Requirements

Program Checklist

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MU59 - Music and Culture

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