MPS High School Choral Program

The district's Choral Program strives to provide a developmental experience, increasing in difficulty from simple unison singing to two-, three-, and four-part harmony. The focus is on a well-rounded program and includes music from various periods of music history.

Emphasis is placed on vocal and rehearsal techniques, music reading, expressive qualities, texture, form and style characteristics appropriate to the selections being performed. The performances of choral groups are thought of as a culminating event, joining together the technical and reading skills with stylistic considerations as well as performance etiquette.


Choral Program Goals

  • To provide a safe atmosphere for vocal, social, academic and personal development.
  • To develop correct vocal techniques (pleasant tone quality, proper intonation, accurate rhythm, crisp articulation and adequate breath support).
  • To develop fundamental music skills in sight-reading, ear training and music notation.
  • To demonstrate expressive qualities in a variety of musical styles.
  • To contribute to the blend, balance and quality of he ensemble by developing the ability to sing a vocal part securely and uniformly.
  • To develop self-discipline, dependability, and responsibility through ensemble participation.
  • To develop confidence in performing by practicing proper performance etiquette.
  • To recognize the unique values of singing and be able to perform for self-enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others.
  • To value music as a means of self-expression.
  • To develop self-discipline by functioning as a responsible member of the organization.
  • To develop an appreciation for various types and talents in music.
  • To experience successful achievement and pleasure through group involvement.
  • To connect musical experiences with events, understandings, skills, and experiences outside the music classroom or stage.
  • To develop a desire to continue vocal musical experiences.

The Mesa Public Schools District Choral Specialist is John Snyder. You can contact John at (480) 308-7381 or by email at