Composition Project

March is Music In Our Schools Month! To celebrate this we will be working on a composition project in band. Students may work in pairs or individually. They will be given 5 minutes per class to work on the project (40 minutes total). They should be working on this project outside of class as well. Students were provided blank staff paper ( and a list of a components. Students will hand in their projects the last week of March. I will input their music into music notation software and hand them a professional copy of their song!


Components of the project:

  • Time signature (2/4, 3/4, or 4/4). Should be shown on the first line only.
  • Key signature (C, F, Bb, or Eb major-concert pitch). Should be shown on each line.
  • Clef sign (bass or treble). Should be shown on each line.
  • Title
  • Length: 8/16/24/32...any length as long as it's a multiple of 8.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Double check each measure for the correct amount of beats.
  • Use of accidentals is allowed; however, this can sound odd at times so the students must be absolutely sure they think that accidental is used appropriately.
  • Only compose something you are capable of performing yourself.

Suggested for students who are overwhelmed:

  • Compose a rhythm pattern
  • Add notes to that rhythm pattern
  • Add articulations & dynamics last.


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