Post Concert Wrap Up

Thank you all for your kind words last night. I had the pleasure of speaking with several of you and am overwhelmed by your kindness and support for our band program. I'm very proud of what your children have accomplished and am already planning some very cool music for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year!

I failed to mention last night that March is Music In Our Schools Month! I would like to suggest that your and/or your child write a letter to somebody about the importance of music in our schools. It could be to somebody within our district, our state government, or federal government. Often times all they hear about are the after effects of programs being cut. Make your voice heard and let them know how important these programs are and that we should continue to have them. Another suggestion would be to write to a former music teacher. Having been a former general music teacher myself, I know how hard these teachers work and often times this work goes unrecognized. They have laid the foundation for our performing arts programs, followed by our amazing elementary band directors. I feel that us secondary level teachers get all the glory at concerts/festivals/competitions/games, while the elementary teachers are often forgotten about. Let's remember to thank those who have laid the foundation for the excellent performances that our students are putting on today!

I wish you all a wonderful spring break. Our finale concert will be on Tuesday, May 8th in the Stapley auditorium.


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