Welcome to the Stapley JHS band family!

About the program...

The Stapley JHS band prides itself on achieving artistry through music making. The goal of the program is to build the student's sense of self through musical expression in a team atmosphere. Students will not only learn how to read music, they will learn how to take the ink on the page and transform it into something much greater than that!


The SJHS band program is an ability based program. Students are auditioned and grouped with other students who play at their same level. Members rotate parts & seating within their section, as there is no chair seating in the program. Wind Ensemble is the most advanced class and meets during fourth hour. Symphonic Band, the middle level class, meets during fifth hour. Concert Band meets during seventh hour. Students are able to move up class levels at the 2nd and 3rd quarter if they are capable and if their schedule permits it.


We also have a jazz band at Stapley that meets after school on Fridays from 4-5pm. Auditions are held at the end of September and we begin rehearsals immediately following fall break.

Member Resources

The AZ ECA tax donation program is our main source of funding. Please consider helping our program! Be sure to select "Band" as the activity.