Miss Nina Witt

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The 2018-19 school year marks my seventh year of teaching.  I am excited to be continuing my 2nd year at Smith Junior High and beginning my first year at Taft Elementary.  In 2012 I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Education from ASU, and recently completed my Masters in Music Education from ASU (2017).

Music has always been a passion for me.  Just like many of my students, I began orchestra in the fourth grade at my elementary school.  I started on the viola, and in junior high I switched to what would become my true passion, the double bass.  Although I enjoyed the bass it was not enough to satisfy my musical needs.  Thus, with the help of the internet, I taught myself guitar and with friends, created a rock band in high school. Realizing how much I enjoyed learning and performing music, I decided becoming an orchestra teacher would be the perfect job for me, and boy was I right!

In addition to teaching orchestra, I recently began and am teaching the Electric orchestra at Desert Sounds.  While I am not performing, teaching, listening, or creating music, you may find me indulging in some of my other hobbies, such as: gardening, camping, and hiking.

I am so excited to start this school year and look forward to sharing my passion for music with you (student) or your child (parent).


Miss Witt