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Brinton, Bush, and O'Connor Elementary Bands
Mesa Public Schools - 2019/2020

Band Materials

What does my child need for band?

There are a few things your child needs for band:

1) An instrument. Please rent one from a local music store if you do not own one or cannot get one from a family member or friend. There is a very limited supply of school-owned instruments at each campus. These are best utilized for families who cannot afford the cost of an instrument. Applying for a school-owned instrument does not guarantee the use of a school-owned instrument.

2) Method Book

  • All band students at Brinton, Bush, and O'Connor

Essential Elements cover example

Essential Elements, Bk. 1. - This is instrument specific. For example: If your child plays clarinet, the title will be Essential Elements, Bb Clarinet Book 1. 

Also, make sure it's in the correct language if you're ordering online!



3) Instrument accessories necessary for your instrument. 

  • Flutes
    • Flute rod
    • A very thin rag 
      • About 3" x 12" in size
  • Clarinets and Saxophones
  • Brass (Trumpet, Horn, Baritone, Tuba)
    • Valve oil
    • A sturdy rag
  • Trombones
    • Slide oil
    • A sturdy rag
  • Percussion
    • Drumsticks
      • "2B" or "General" drum sticks
    • Hard-rubber mallets with stiff handles (All normally included with a bell kit).
4) A WORKING PENCIL - Every student needs a pencil. Each instrument case has room for a pencil to be kept in it. Pens & markers are not allowed to be used in class for writing on music or assignments.

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The ***best*** way to contact me

Phone:  Brinton - (480) 472.4976

Phone:  Bush - (480) 472.8563

Phone:  O'Connor - (480) 472.7886

Concert Dates for Brinton, Bush, and O'Connor Bands

CLICK HERE (updated 11/5/19)

Concert Programs

Downloadable & In Color

Warm-Ups, Rhythm Sheets, and more

Music used in class

Recordings for Practicing

Recordings to play along with

Scale Sheets

Tuner and Metronome Apps

**Go here for the "waterfall tuner" app

Band Resources

Videos / Fingering Charts / Note Naming

Music Related Sites

Math, Science, and Coding

12 Bar Blues Backing tracks

What we use in class for improvising