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5th - Instrument Assembly and Sounds

Method Book

Upcoming Concert(s)

5th - Instrument Assembly and Sounds

We've been making excellent progress in class with 5th grade instrument assembly and creating the proper sounds. 5th grade is now using the entire instrument and focusing on the fingering and pitch of Concert D (Flutes, Trombones, Baritone, Percussion - D, Clarinets & Trumpets - E, Alto Saxophone - B). We'll be adding Concert C on Wednesday or Friday, depending on the day we meet for class.

As we add these fingerings, we'll be building a fingering chart of our first 5 notes to use as a supplement to our method books. 


Method Book

Starting on Monday, September 16, we'll begin using the method book, Essential Elements for Band, Book 1, in class. The links for each book go to the publisher's website so you can see the cover of the book for each specific instrument.This book can be purchased at any store, book store, or music store which sells them! The important piece is to acquire the book. If there is a financial difficulty with acquiring the book, please let me know. We use this method book for 5th and 6th grade classes. 

(If you're purchasing from an online retailer, make sure you're purchasing the English language version of the book...)

Upcoming Concert(s)

Sixth grade has their first after-school performance on Thursday, November 7th at Red Mountain High School. Please mark this date down on your calendars! We will be performing Dragon Slayer and Pirates' Cave with other local elementary schools and then hearing the Fremont and Shepherd Junior High Bands perform, followed by the Red Mountain High School Marching Band. There are individual part recordings of Dragon Slayer and Pirates' Cave to play along with on my website.

This concert is indoors and will last about one hour from the first note played. For our concerts, we will be wearing pants and a school t-shirt. If you do not yet have a school t-shirt, please get one! We'll use this as our normal concert performance uniform for all of our performance events.

Our Winter Concert at O'Connor has been scheduled for Thursday, November 21st, in O'Connor Elementary Cafetornasium. An assembly event is scheduled for Thursday, December 12th, at O'Connor.

Concert Dates and Information can always be found here.



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Director of Bands at O'Connor Elementary



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