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Method Books - Essential Elements, Bk. 1


It's that wonderful time of year programs...and then some more school programs!

The 5th and 6th grade bands are prepping for our first performance as an ensemble. Please check the concert page for concert times, locations, and what to wear. I keep this updated with general information about the concerts during the school year. If a concert is listed without all the information, that info is still being developed.

There are three columns, one for each school I teach at. You are all invited to attend the concerts at other schools too!

Method Books

Some students are still without their method books. Our concert music and most of our in-class music comes from this book, Essential Elements, Bk. 1 (The link is to the publisher's website for the cover example). These books are approximately $10.00 and can be purchased at any local music store or online. Each book is specific to an instrument. So, trumpets need Essential Elements, Bk. 1 for Trumpet.

If you are ordering online, be sure that you are ordering the English version. I have seen the correct book with a foreign language show up in class when it has been ordered online. 

If you are unable to afford a method book, please email me or send me a written note. I have limited supply of books which have been donated to the program over the years. I do not have near enough for everyone to borrow one from the school inventory.


Pat Zaur



Director of Bands at O'Connor Elementary



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