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Band Wishlist

Why the wishlist?

Band (and orchestra) is a class which uses consumable items and the budgeting provided for one year of band (or orchestra) is considerably lower than you might expect. It is not uncommon for a year's budget to be less than $25 for a band (or orchestra) program at an elementary school. This includes items which are used by the instructor during class (markers, white paper, colored paper, office supplies...) as well as items unique to an instrumental class.

Many of the items unique to an instrumental class are use once type of materials or can only be used by one student and is then discarded because it is worn out.

During a school year, the band program will easily go through 25-50 clarinet and saxophone reeds (they are different reeds), a dozen bottles of valve oil, a set or two of drum sticks, and a lot of paper.

Many of these items are used because students forget to bring them from home or don't have the necessary "backups" in their cases.

In any case, the items listed below are always in demand and warmly accepted at any point during the school year!