Mrs. Margo Ragno               

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Salk Phone:  480-472-8451 and Kerr Phone: 480-472-5162


Margo Ragno is the orchestra teacher at Salk Elementary and Kerr Elementary.  She graduated from Ottawa University with a B.A. Degree in Music Education. She has been teaching orchestra since 2006.  Although the violin is her main instrument, she loves playing all of the string instruments.  Music has always been her passion, and now she is blessed to be able to pass on her knowledge, and love of music with all of her students. 

Mrs. Ragno loves spending time with her daughter Eowyn.  She also enjoys getting a cabin with her family up north to get out of the city.

A grounding in the arts will help our children to see; to bring a uniquely human perspective to science and technology. In short, it will help them as they grow smarter to also grow wiser.”
- Robert E. Allen – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Corporation