6th Grade

School Supplies

Dear Parents, 
It is not required that parents purchase instructional supplies or materials for students in the Mesa Public Schools; however, many of you ask what back-to-school supplies would be most useful for your child. Below is a list of optional items to consider for your child as they begin the school year in our classrooms:

1. Large 3", clear cover (for page insertion), heavy duty, three ring binder
2. Binder pencil pouch (must have binder holes & fit in binder!) NO BOXES!
3. 5 vinyl binder pockets with three-ring holes and divider tabs
4. 1 - 1" vinyl (soft cover) 3 ring binder
5. 3 single subject spiral notebooks
6. 1 composition notebook
7. Boxes of tissues (for classroom use, we use them all year)
8. Box of fat and skinny markers (odorless) for classroom use
9. Colored pencils for classroom use
10. Glue sticks for classroom use
11. 3 Expo or white board dry erase markers (large size)
12. Pencils with extra cap erasers Donations of copy
13. Personal pencil sharpener paper would greatly
14. Hand Sanitizer for classroom use be appreciated!
15. Highlighter pens (4 color pack)
16. Sticky page flags
17. Disinfecting wipes for classroom use
(will be VERY helpful when writing reports during computer lab and taking home to continue work there)
19. Personal earbuds or headphones for computer use.

Please put your child's name on each personal item brought to school.

Thank you for your support! 
The 6th grade team:

Ms. Karles

Mrs. Ritter

Mr. Roche