Blue sky, forest and river in September

Scott Krenytzky - Art Specialist

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Scott Krenytzky grew up in Michigan and at 19 moved to Arizona in 1979 to live with his father. While working in the grocery industry he attended Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. Mr. Krenytzky lives in Mesa, married Teresita Swisher in 1990 and has 3 children ages 33, 32 and 28. His hobbies include travel, playing the guitar, golf and he enjoys his collection of coins and stamps as well. He also has a collection of quotations, organized by subject, numbering one thousand at last count!

Scott began his teaching career with Mesa Public Schools in 1997 where he taught Photography and Art at the junior high level. In August 2007, Mr. Krenytzky began a new teaching assignment. This time it involved the elementary school as the Art Specialist. He now is the Art Specialist at Lehi, Redbird, Whitman, Roosevelt  and Keller Schools.

Scott has been involved in Photography since 1980 taking landscape and portrait photographs in such places such as Germany, England, Italy, France, Hawaii and Bali. He has been involved with photographing the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico and more modern cityscapes such as the Arizona towns of Miami, Globe, Mesa and Gila Bend. 

"My students demonstrate the vitality that is present in our community. Each day I witness young minds expressing what is relevant and significant in their lives. With the desire for self expression, these young artists desire to create is immense and given the opportunity, they explode with introspection and thoughtful meaning. In our community there is an underlying desire in our youth for self expression and tapping into this resource produces confident, purposeful citizens."

Those who would like to learn more please visit Mesa's Creative and Performing Arts department. There, you will find information on curriculum, Art Masterpiece, resources and a staff listing.