Mr. Isaac Lundgren

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Mr. Lundgren has been with Mesa Public Schools since 2013.  As a Summa Cum Laude Graduate from Arizona State University, Mr. Lundgren specializes in the visual and performing arts, computer arts, graphic design, and K-12 Art Instruction.

"I am currently teaching 4th-6th grade students at Madison, Hale, Longfellow, Robson, and Crismon elementary schools.  I enjoy working with younger students, and helping them reach their full potential through the visual arts.

"To me, art is more than just a creative release, it is essential in helping one to build creative and logical thinking skills, and to see the world in new and different ways.  In my classes, students are introduced to the basic elements and principles of design, but are also given freedom to branch out through creative expression, and discover what the world means to them through their art work.  They are taught to conceptualize an idea, and see it through to completion through multiple-day creative projects.  They will get to work as individuals and in groups experimenting with materials, tools, and techniques that will get them started on a path to bring diversity, creativity, and understanding to their future college and career goals.

"It is my pleasure to facilitate a learning environment that will help foster safety, growth, and individual expression."