Activity Ideas and Exchanges

Informational Websites
     -YAACK - 
     Augmentative and  Alternative Communication (AAC) Connecting Young 
     Kids (YAACK) 
     A website that covers issues related to AAC and young children. Its purpose is
     to provide information and guidance to families, teachers,
     speech/language pathologists and anyone else who is involved with a child with
     special communication needs.

     - Prompting and Cueing Resources
        Bridge School
         Cueing and Facilitation for AAC Document

     -Spectronics - Inclusive Learning Technologies
      Augmentative Communication and Classroom Learning Considerations

     - Talk Sense
        101 Ideas For Literacy and AAC
        Creating Active Environments



 Community Resources
            - Out and About
              Out and About offers children and adults who are unable to speak due to a
              disability, and their family members and mentors, a chance to meet in the
              community to develop support networks, build friendships, and get critical
              practice using their speech-generating communication devices 
            - AT Interest Group
              The Assitive Technology interest group meetings provide parents, peers, 
              vendors and consumers an opportunity to network, create make-n-take
              activities, obtain copies of readymade materials and resources, listen
              to guest lectures, and enter drawings and giveaways.