Programming/Technical Support

Prentke-Romich Co.
            Springboard, Vantage, Lite versions, Vanguard, ECO, Accent

Dynavox (M3, Maestro, V Series)
            - Search Knowledge Base
            - V series (V, Vmax, Vmax+, Maestro) Instructional Video

 Ablenet Devices
            - SuperTalker Instructional Video (QuickTime)
            - Step By Step Instructional Video (Quick Time)
            - iTalk2 Instructional Video (Quick Time)
            - iTalk2 w Levels instructional video
            - Talking Brix instructional video
            - Big/Little mack instructional video
            - Step by Step Instructional video
            - Fl4sh Instructional Video

Enabling Devices
            - Instructional and demonstration videos

              To download Quick Time click here

             - ProxTalker Support

             - Support for NOVA Chat-5, 7&10, ALT-Chat, ChatPC

Tobii - ATI (SonoFlex (App), LEO, S32, C-Series, I-series)

             - Technical Support: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday-Friday (Eastern Time)
             - Toll-free Telephone: 800-793-9227

             - Training: Watch training videos, tutorials, and find documentation for 
                your Tobii products.

             - Documentation:  Access Tobii's knowledgebase and frequently
               asked questions (FAQ), contact support, download manuals, software,
               updates etc.

TouchChat Apps

TouchChat and TouchChat HD with or without WordPower


- ProLoQuo2Go (iPad Language Application Support)