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Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

Rehabilitation Services Administration AZ (RSA)

VALLEYLIFE-formerly known as Valley of the Sun School and Habilitation Center. VALLEYLIFE is a non profit community-based organization that supports over 450 individuals with disabilities in the Phoenix metro area. We provide innovative programs and services that give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live a life with choices, independence, and dignity.

Chapel Haven West
Chapel Haven, Inc, a private nonprofit agency founded in 1972, dedicated to assisting adults with special challenges live independent and productive lives, is proud to announce that the Tucson community has welcomed the establishment of Chapel Haven West in Tucson, Arizona which opened in June, 2008.

Also refer to AAC Companies in addition to AAC Resources for information related to your specific communication device needs.

AAC Troubleshooting and DDD repair procedure:

Information may be available at MPS AAC Tech support page
If necessary contact technical support from appropriate device company via internet
or phone. Please have the device and charger available when you call.

If the device needs to be sent in for repair per technical support. . . 
1. The company will provide you a CA or RA (Call or Return Authorization number).

At that point you can ask for a loaner device through the company.

2. Call your DDD support coordinator to relay the RA/CA number and have them pick up the device and deliver it to DDD Managed care and Beth Gonzales at 3443 N Central, suite 600, Phoenix, AZ 85012. 
Device will then be shipped to the appropriate company to complete necessary repairs.  

3. Your support coordinator will notify you/deliver the device back to you when it is received from the company.