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Director of Audit Services, CPA, CFE

Ken Alexander (480) 472-0132


Internal Auditor



Integrity - Transparency - Innovation - Independence

Mission and Vision

Audit Services is committed to improving operations across Mesa  Public Schools.

With an objective and comprehensive approach to evaluating systems and identifying opportunities, we empower and collaborate with stakeholders to create dynamic and sustainable solutions.

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Audit Committee

The audit committee is composed of three member of the public body and act as an independent liaison between the Governing Board, Superintendent and the internal and external audit functions.


The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR is published yearly by our external auditing firm to comply with the state mandate of an annual single audit with a complete set of financial statements. In addition, this page contains the Compliance Questionnaire and Single Audit Reports.

Presentations & Trainings

Various presentations and trainings provided by Audit Services categorized by topic.

External audits are conducted by outside agencies. A compliance audit is performed annually while others may be performed at different intervals.