Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation ACT (COBRA)
Temporary Continuation of Health Care Coverage

In compliance with a federal law referred to as COBRA Continuation Coverage, this plan offers its eligible employees and their covered dependents (known as qualified beneficiaries) the opportunity to elect temporary continuation of their group health coverage when that coverage would otherwise end because of certain events (called qualifying events).

Qualified beneficiaries are entitled to elect COBRA when qualifying events occur and, as a result of the qualifying event, coverage of that qualified beneficiary ends. Qualified beneficiaries who elect COBRA Continuation Coverage must pay for it at their own expense.

Qualifying events include termination of employment, reduction in hours of work making the employee ineligible for coverage, the death of the employee, divorce or a child ceasing to be an eligible dependent child.  The maximum period of COBRA coverage is generally either 18 months or 36 months, depending on which qualifying event occurred.

In order to have the chance to elect COBRA coverage after a divorce or a child ceasing to be a dependent child under the plan, you and/or a family member must inform the plan in writing of that event no later than 60 days after that event occurs.  That notice should be sent to the Benefits Department via first class mail and is to include the employee's name, the qualifying event, the date of the event, and the appropriate documentation in support of the qualifying event (such as divorce documents). 


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