Mesa Public Schools has maintained a commitment to offer the most comprehensive, cost-effective and competitive benefits package possible. Our goal is to provide options that protect you and your family's health and well being, while working to keep costs affordable.

For a 2017-2018 summary of benefits guide, click 
HERE.  For additional information, please visit our health partners, linked below.


For a medical plan cost comparison:

Plan Year 2017-2018 (October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018)

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HDHP/HSA Information

Pharmacy 3 Tier List

Cigna offers a pre-enrollment health plan tool you can use to compare their plans by visiting  All users will log on with the ID and password below.

Open Enrollment ID:     mesausd2017

Open Enrollment PW:     cigna                          


NEW Cigna DHMO Plan - effective 10/01/2017

Find a network Dentist:

Go to Cigna 

  • Choose "Dentist"
  • Search Location 
  • "Pick" - Cigna dental Care HMO 

The Patient Charge Schedule lists the benefits of the Dental Plan including covered procedures and patient charges.  You will receive an ID card from Cigna if you elect the DHMO. 

No ID card will be issued if you elect PPO dental.  Use this Cigna ID Card when you visit your dentist. 


Cigna PPO Dental 



Vision Service Plan Web Site

VSP Benefits Summary

Employee Assistance Program

EAP Preferred