Credit and Debt
Some debt is unavoidable: the car, the house. But other debt can drag you down. Learn how to manage your spending, saving and debt.

Bureau of Public Debt


Federal Reserve Credit Card Calculator

Free Annual Credit Report

Credit Consumer Information from the Federal Reserve

FirstGov for Consumers


Buying a Home
Home ownership remains a great American dream. Find out how you can make the dream come true.

Mortgage Foreclosure Resources

Foreclosure Prevention

Loan Scam Alert

Reverse Mortgages

President Obama’s Making Home Affordable Plan

Save Your Home

Better Business Bureau Consumer Home Improvement and Living Tips

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Protect yourself and your assets.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Insure Kids Now

Consumer Action Website

Do you know how much will be waiting for you when you retire?

Administration on Aging

Department of Health and Human Services

Social Security Online

IRS Withholding Calculator

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Uncle Sam is waiting. Make sure you're not handing over too much or too little.

Internal Revenue Services

Wills & Estate Planning
To ensure that your wishes (regarding money, property and children) are met after you die, you need to draft a will that follows the laws of your state.
Legal Solutions for You, Your Business, and Your Family

Avoid Scams

Scammers use a lot of different ploys to separate you from your money. Learn how to point out bogus claims and avoid scams.

Federal Trade Commission - Fraud an Inside Look

Job Scams
More Job Scams Information from the Postal Service

Money Transfer Scams

Avoid Fake Check Fraud

Legal Resources

Legal Solutions for You, Your Business, and Your Family