Health & safety guidelines
School opening 2020-21

At home
  • All parents will be expected to perform an assessment of their child's health before they leave home, including temperature and other known COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Parents will send their child to school with a filled water bottle and clean mask. Masks will be available if needed on the bus and at school.
On the bus
  • To provide a safer environment for our bus riders, drivers, monitors and students, everyone will be required to wear a mask during transport.
  • Each bus will be equipped with extra personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning equipment.
  • Daily inspection requirements will include sanitizing procedures after each school run and at the end of the day.
  • Buses will be loaded from back to front and unloaded from front to back when possible. Members of the same household will be asked to sit together, with kindergartners remaining in front.
  • Seating charts are required for all routes once ridership is established.
  • Air conditioners will be used with a few windows slightly open to allow airflow. Air conditioners will be turned to the fresh-air cycle when possible. This will result in an increase in the temperature on the bus on hot days.
On campus
  • On days students are to be on campus, students and staff must implicitly confirm they are fit to attend school by passing the point-of-entry sign on arrival.
  • Students and staff will be expected to follow all safety protocols, including wearing masks.
  • Students will be allowed to remove masks when eating or drinking.
  • Frequent hand washing will be encouraged at regular intervals throughout the day with both soap and water, and hand sanitizer.
  • A curated age-appropriate video library about COVID-19 symptoms, preventing spreading germs, hand washing, etc. will be developed and maintained, with the expectation that a video will be chosen to show during morning announcements and at other opportune times.
  • Signage about COVID-19 symptoms, preventing spreading germs, hand washing, etc. will be placed strategically throughout school and district buildings.
  • The borrowing or sharing of any items will be restricted.
  • Drinking fountains will be available for refilling water bottles only.
  • Daily cleaning protocols based on CDC guidance will be followed, with an emphasis on frequent cleaning of high-touch/high-traffic areas.
  • Classrooms and high traffic areas will be stocked with cleaner, paper towels and hand sanitizer
  • Hand sanitizer has been provided in every classroom and in key locations throughout every site for the health and safety of our students, staff and community
  • HVAC systems have been checked and will be monitored for proper airflow and circulation.
  • Health offices will be managed to provide appropriate isolation of sick students or staff.
  • The district will take guidance from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health in the event a student or staff member contracts COVID-19. 
Cleaning protocols
  • Custodial staff will be required to wear personal protective equipment (gloves and face mask).
  • Classrooms and school facilities will be cleaned and disinfected daily with additional attention to all high-touch surface areas.
  • In addition to daily cleaning and disinfecting, every classroom is stocked with disinfectant spray bottles for classroom use. The expectation is that these cleaning supplies will be used in the classroom to wipe down and clean high touch surface areas throughout the day.
  • To provide assurance a classroom has been cleaned and disinfected daily, a magnetic sign will be placed on the whiteboard indicating the classroom has been cleaned since the previous day.

Health & safety printable resources


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