On-site support centers
Offered in accordance with Governor Ducey's Executive Order 2020-51

Please have your child's student ID number on hand to register.

In accordance with Governor Doug Ducey's Executive Order 2020-51, Mesa Public Schools began offering free on-site support centers for students who need a safe place to go during the day on August 17, 2020.

Students are able to log in and work on their remote learning in a supervised environment. These on-site support centers do not provide the same experience as an engaging classroom environment and do not include in-person instruction by a certified teacher. 

Transportation is not provided.

Who's eligible to attend?

The intention of the Governor's Executive Order is that the district serve children of first responders, children in DCS custody, students with disabilities, students lacking adequate technology at home to participate in distance learning, and any student needing a safe place to participate in remote learning during school hours.

Students must be previously registered with the district at their regular school of attendance to be eligible to register for on-site learning centers.

Registration will be taken until the site is filled.

What will my child be doing at these on-site support centers?

Students will participate in remote learning offered by their assigned teachers. Center staff will assist students, as needed, to access daily lessons on the computer through Canvas.

Students will participate in Brain Breaks (elementary), mask breaks and lunch breaks.

K-8th grade students are expected to attend the regular school day hours. If they wish to leave early, a parent or guardian must come to school to pick them up. Students in 9-12th grade can attend for the full school day or the hours equal to their daily schedule — the hours they attend each day must be determined prior to the first day of attendance.

Regular daily attendance will be taken. The school must be notified if any students will be absent. Families will be notified if students receive an unexcused absence.

Student and family expectations

Students must follow all district health & safety protocols, including mandatory face coverings. If a parent does not want their child to wear a face covering, the child will be unable to attend the on-site support center.

Each student is required to bring their district-issued device (fully charge), power cord and headphones to complete school work.

Transportation is not provided. Families must provide their own transportation to and from support centers.

Each student should bring a filled water bottle.

Free & reduced and paid lunch will be available.

Students are expected to follow the Mesa Public Schools Guidelines for Student Behavior. Failure to follow behavior guidelines could result in a student losing the option to attend an on-site support center.

COVID-19 Parent Acknowledgment and Disclosure

Required form to attend in-person learning.

Acuerdo de reconocimiento y divulgación de padres para COVID-19

Forma requerida para atender a clases en persona

Frequently asked questions

What is the staff-to-student ratio at the on-site support centers?
The student-to-staff ratio depends on the grade level of the students and the location in the school they are assigned. Ratios range from 2:9 (two staff to nine students) in an elementary classroom to 1:20 in a high school auditorium.

Who will help my child with learning while they are at the on-site support center?
Centers will be staffed with paraprofessionals and other hourly support staff to supervise students and assist them with logging on to remote learning. Teachers will not be available at the on-site support centers.

Will students be kept together by grade level?
Students will be clustered in groups of similar students to allow supervising staff to become familiar with the students in their assigned group, easily identify who is absent, and provide the safest tracking and distancing possible. The groups might be multi-aged clusters.

In what area of the school will my child be during the day?
Students will be in supervised areas where physical distancing can best be maintained, including media centers, cafeterias, gyms and auditoriums.

Does my child have to wear a face covering?
Yes, students must wear a face covering at all times. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day, including lunch period, so that students may take their face covering off while maintaining safety protocols. If a parent does not want their child to wear a face covering, the child will be unable to attend the on-site center. Adjustments will be made for students in self-contained special education classes who might have an existing medical condition that does not allow a student to safely wear a face covering.