Reading Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday*

During some reading units students homework will be to read a chapter from their assigned chapter book and answer some questions. Please talk to your child about the books they are reading for my class. 

Reading homework this year consists of students doing a fluency read. This means that they are timed for 1 minute and read as much of the story as they can. Preferably, a parent or older sibling timing them and going over it with them is the most effective. They then should read the entire story again at their own speed and answer the comprehension questions on the back. In addition to this homework, I recommend they also read 15-20 minutes from their chapter books. Reading regularly will improve their fluency and comprehension which will also prepare them for 7th grade level reading.


*Homework does not need to be made up when a child is absent. Also Homework will not be assigned on days that school is not in session (breaks, holidays, etc.)