Mr. Michael Culver

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  I graduated from The University of Nebraska in 1984 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  This is my 28th year in education. I have taught grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I am currently teaching 6th grade.  I love working with students and watching them learn!



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So, you're not a math person? 

I know there are a great deal of parents/students who hear “math” and instantly claim-up, shut-down, stomach drops, anxiety rises, defense mechanisms go up, and learning turns off. I hear this a lot, "I'm just not a math person." First, let's agree to stop using that phrase. 

I have spent a good deal of time this summer reading an amazing professional development book “Mathematical Mindsets.” It has been eye-opening, mind-shifting, and motivating! I am excited to implement the research-based practices thoroughly discussed in the book. 

The biggest take-away from my reading is the set of norms I have implemented into my daily lessons.

The norms are:

1. Everyone can learn math to the highest levels.

2. Mistakes are valuable.

3. Questions are really important.

4. Math is about creativity and making sense.

5. Math is about connections and communicating.

6. Depth is much more important than speed.

7. Math class is about learning, not performing.

These norms happen with a growth mindset. Click here to learn more about growth mindset and why is it so important in math and in life.