Miss Patricia Blickfeldt

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Phone: (408) 472-4982

Hi!  I am super excited to be teaching for a sixth year in fifth grade at Brinton Elementary!  I moved to Mesa in September of 2014 to start the amazing fifth grade adventure.  Before that, I lived and worked in classrooms in Meridian, Idaho.

I was born and raised in the Boise, Idaho area.  I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers.  Some still live in Idaho; others live in Arizona, New Hampshire, and Nebraska.  I went back to school at Boise State University in 2006 to become a teacher. It was a long journey.  Along the way, I spent time in Dallas, TX on a mission for my church, worked full time as a special education assistant, and finally graduated in December of 2013 with a degree in Special Education as well as General Education.

Since moving to Arizona, I have become involved in a non-profit makerspace/hackerspace in downtown Mesa called HeatSync Labs.  I have built and learned how to use a 3d printer, love soldering, and have dabbled in welding and electronics.  My most current hobby has been sewing "Ms. Frizzle" skirts and dresses to wear while I teach Science.

I have enjoyed the mountains, birds, and sunsets of Arizona.  I am looking forward to many more years of teaching and experiencing life here in Arizona.