Fifth Grade

Ms. Mastin

Ms. Cancino


Fifth Grade Supply Wish List


5th grade is a year of growth and adventure.


ELA – English Language Arts is comprised of reading, the knowledge of the English language, and writing.  This year we will be studying novels, such as Chasing Vermeer, Hatchet, and the Adventures of Homer P. Fig.  Students will be increasing their knowledge of language through reading and writing.  In 5th grade we complete a weekly PAW writing assignment to make sure we are writing daily.  Also we will be writing more in-depth stories, poems, and reports. 


Math – 5th  grade is a big growth year for math.  Students will be expanding their understanding of place value, using decimals.  They will be multiplying and dividing larger and smaller numbers, including decimals and fractions.  Students will be exploring patterns, expressions, and the coordinate plane.  We will be diving into measurement, classifying two-dimensional geometric figures, as well as understanding volume.  5th graders will be building upon their mathematical foundation.


Social Studies – This year history emphasizes American history from the earliest Native American cultures to the Civil War.  This is a great time of exploration and rebellion throughout the world.  The 5th graders will complete research and report on one of the US States, as well as on an American historic figure, which they will perform as in our Wax Museum.


Science – Inquiry is the name of the game. Students will continue to formulate prediction, questions and hypothesis based on keen observations.  Investigation and modeling will be part of their scientific testing.  Analyzing and interpreting their data will help explain their finding and conclusions.  Also this is a Science Fair year!