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At Barbara Bush Elementary our kindergarten department believes that kindergarten is an important year for our students. In kindergarten they develop attitudes and motivation for learning. The kindergarten teachers at Bush work with their students to develop positive feelings towards school and learning. In kindergarten students learn to be respectful, active listeners, use their time wisely and finally, do their best. Teachers at Bush believe each child is unique and their goal in each classroom is to meet the needs of every individual child. The children will go through the program at their own rate! No child’s progress will be compared to another child’s progress.


The objectives of kindergarten are:

    * to develop a curiosity and an eagerness for learning

    * to help all children understand and feel good about themselves

    * to understand the world they live in

    * to learn how to get along with others

    * to learn to do things for and by themselves

    * to complete tasks they have started

    * to develop imagination

    * to learn to express themselves so that others can understand

    * to develop good habits and attitudes

    * to develop skills and interest in art

Your child will do these things because:

    * they need to learn to listen and follow directions

    * they need a certain amount of routine

    * they need to think and do things by themselves

    * they need to learn to work and play with others

    * they need to develop all their muscles and senses

    * they need time to know how to handle their own feelings as well as the feelings of others

A good day in kindergarten includes:

    * Something important to do

    * Time to do it

    * A certain amount of success

    * Acceptance by the group

    * Opportunity for self-expression

    * Time for fun

    * Time for rest

    * Something to grow on