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Many of the additions to this document were inspired by an AMS document, Essential Elements of Successful Montessori Schools in the Public Sector.


Montessori Enrollment Procedures and Forms


We take the enrollment procedures very seriously in the Montessori Program.  We want to do our best to ensure that all students are successful in our Program.  It is our intention to provide parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to make an informed, educated and insightful choice in placing their child in a Montessori classroom. 

It is not the intention of this process to exclude any student from the Program.  It is our intention to clearly describe the learner’s qualities, skills and expectations that best ensure a successful experience for all students in a Montessori classroom.  As it is for any educational approach, one size does not fit all.  Each educational philosophy has specific approaches to delivering the curriculum, tools, materials, expectations and educational outcomes that are unique to that specific philosophy. It is our intent to ensure the Montessori philosophy meets the individual needs, strengths and skills of our prospective students. We encourage parents to gain as much knowledge as possible, and deep understating of the expectations required for a child to be successful in a Montessori classroom. Parents can only effectively make this most important educational decision with a clear, in-depth understanding of the Montessori philosophy and approach to learning. Again, no one approach to learning can meet the needs of all learners.  We hope this Handout and Enrollment Process provides parents with those tools to making a well-informed and correct decision. 


Mr. Tony LaMantia: Director

We are here to be a support and recourse to you as you make this important decision for your child.

If you have any question or concerns about or during the Enrollment Process please don’t hesitate to call the Montessori’s  Program @

Bush Elementary School: Mrs. Jenny Goode 480-472-8500

Johnson Elementary School: Mrs. Sandra Worcester 480-472-6800

Pomeroy Elementary School: Mrs. Mary Clay-Nelson 480-472-3700

Director: Mr. Tony LaMantia  480-472-3685

For additional information please visit our web-site at:



The Registration Process


Step One: Contact

Call or come in to one of our three Mesa Public Elementary School that is located closest to home. Transportation to and from the Program is the responsibility of the parents unless the place of residence is located within the boundaries of the specific Montessori classroom.

Please call one of the following Elementary Schools housing our Montessori Programs:

Bush Elementary School (4925 E. Ingram St. Mesa, AZ 85205  Tele. 480-472-8500)

Johnson Elementary School  (3807 E. Pueblo Ave. Mesa, AZ 85206 Tele. 480-472-6800)

Pomeroy Elem. School (1507 Shawnee Dr. Chandler AZ Tele. 480-472-3700)

Speak with the school’s registrar (see above) and indicate your interest in the Montessori Program.

The registrar will inform you of an opening or if there is a waiting list for that specific classroom.  If there is a waiting list you may want to call the other Schools to inquire if there is an opening for your child.  If there is an opening at your preferred school the registrar will begin the District’s registration process and will also begin the specific Montessori enrollment process. You will receive (by e-mail or in person) a copy of this Handbook.  Please read it over carefully.


Step Two: Handbook and Observation

The registrar will inform the proper Montessori teacher who will call you to arrange an appointment to observe the classroom and then complete the observation questionnaire. It is very important to us that you begin developing a positive working relationship with your child’s perspective teacher as soon as possible.  Please use this teacher as a resource in making this most important decision.  All of our Montessori teachers are Montessori Certified, Highly Qualified, and know best their particular classroom dynamics and procedures. 

This teacher will then work with you to set up a specific time for the classroom observation. During your observation your child will also be interviewed by a staff member to answer any questions and to help put your child at ease with their new experience. After approximately 30 minutes you will be asked to complete, sign and return a questionnaire that should take about 20 minutes to complete. 

If you have any specific question please arrange a time to contact the teacher after the observation, because the teacher’s main responsibility for that time to attend to his/her classroom.



Step Three: A Decision Is Made

The decision for your child to be accepted into the Montessori Program is a joint decision.  The parties included in this decision are the parent, classroom teacher, building principal, and possibly the Program Director.  If your child is accepted into the Program a final Parent Letter of Understanding is to be signed before the child will start.  We will then hold a meeting at approximately the ninth week (or sooner if necessary) to share with you your child’s progress in the Program.  Attached you will find a Success Record form that will be used to determine your child’s success along with the teacher observation, work samples and just an important your (the parents) impressions and assessment.

Factors to Consider Before and During The Registration Process

No single educational program can meet the needs of every individual learner. If at any time you need help or would like to talk to a teacher or the Program’s Director please do not hesitate to call. A child being accepted into the Montessori Program is a shared decision between parent, child, teacher and building principal. Were disagreements are found the Program’s Director will make the final determination.

The following is a list of questions to consider when making this most important decision.

Does my child demonstrate long periods of concentration and focus?

Is my child internally motivated to learn?

Does my child like to help other in place of competition?

Does my child take responsibility for his or her behavior?

Can my child focus and complete one task at a time even when there are distractions?

Can my child set a goal and work towards that goal without extrinsic rewards?

Does my child work cooperatively with other children?

Does my child show adults and peers respect, kindness and a willingness to help?

As a parent do I have enough time to learn about the Montessori Philosophy and participate in classroom and Program activities?

Does my child have special education needs that may not be adequately supported in a Montessori Classroom?

Does my child participate in household chores and works cooperatively with siblings and other family members?

Can my child can work independently based on his or her developmental age and complete their work?

Can my child follow directions with minimal support?


All of the previous questions need to be answered based on the student’s developmental stage.  Students registering in the Montessori Program in Pre-school, Kindergarten,  and 1st grade have the best prediction of success in the Program.  Students who enter the program after these very important foundational grades have more difficulty changing their developed habits and approaches to the traditional classroom environment. A 6 to 9 week Parent-Teacher conference will be help to review a new student’s success in the Program.

 If you can confidently answer “yes” to the above question your child will likely be very successful in the Program.   That is our goal.  WE will be very honest with you regarding our determination as to your child’s readiness to be successful in a Montessori Classroom. We would rather guide a parent and child to a more appropriate classroom setting initially than to have the child be unhappy or unsuccessful in any Montessori classroom.


Final Words

We are delighted that you are considering your child for the Montessori Program.  We are very proud and fortunate that Mesa Public Schools offer parents the Montessori Program as one of many educational options for our community.  We hope you have found this Handbook helpful in making this very important decision. As you begin the decision making process please use us (teacher, Director, building principal, registrar) as resources.  We are here to support you, and help you gain the most knowledge in making an informed and educated choice for your child.  We hope that if the Montessori approach is most beneficial educational program for your child that we maintain a partnership based on trust, open communication, with a focus on nurturing the “whole child”, as we provided an exceptional educational experience for your child.


                                             Mr. Tony LaMantia


“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment”

Dr. Maria Montessori








Registration and Enrollment Process Checklist


1)    Contact Montessori school registrar to begin the enrollment process.


2)    Handbook is completely read.


3)    Contact is made with the Montessori school’s intake teacher to schedule an interview and observation.


4)    Classroom/ school observation and tour completed.


5)    Questions to Consider Form completed and returned to intake teacher.


6)    Child, parent and teacher interviews completed.


7)    Final joint enrollment decision is made and start date set.


8)    Six week progress meeting date and time is set