Miss Werdebaugh 

Welcome to Barbara Bush Physical Education! For more information about P.E. at Barbara Bush please visit Miss W.'s page by clicking here. If you would like to learn more about our district P.E. program click here

Our P.E. Class

Each 30-minute class is organized as follows:

Prepares the body for activity.

Develops health related fitness through muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

LESSON FOCUS (10-12 minutes)
The main topic that the students will be learning and participating in, that incorporates basic movements and skills.

Applies the skills learned in the lesson and to HAVE FUN!!

P.E. Attire

We encourage your student to wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes on their P.E. days. Please also have your students dress according to the weather because there may be some weeks that we will be going outside for class.

Excused from P.E.

If it is necessary for your child to be excused from activity, please send a note from home or a doctor. Thank you!

Expectations Consequences

1.   Freeze, look, and listen. 1. Quiet, verbal warning.

2.   Respect the rights of others. 2. Time out (student returns when ready).

3.   Hustle and say “I can!” or “I’ll try!” 3. Time out (student remains there until the end of class).

4.   Be responsible. 4. Parental and Principal Involvement.

5.   Have fun!


P.E. Extracurricular Activities

Turkey Trot

4th and 5th Grade Walk On! Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge

3rd-6th Grade Track and Field Day

Kinder-2nd Grade Primary Fitness Day

5th & 6th Grade Lunch Time Activities

4th-6th Grade Running Club