Second Grade

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Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Davis

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Special Activities:

Second Graders begin the school year with an author study of Kevin Henkes stories. Students learn about friendship, manners, and values. Throughout the year students participate in school wide activities such as Young Author's Week, Science Fair, and Creative Arts events. All second grade families are invited to participate in our Veteran’s Day performance, which honors our veterans.


Barbara Bush second graders use the Harcourt Trophies Reading Series. It is a collection of anthologies that include a variety of literature. Phonics skills are reinforced through the MPS Start Phonics Program. The second grade teachers are embedding more non-fiction units into the reading curriculum. Second grade teachers encourage reading by presenting a variety of books to their classes on a daily basis. Parents are expected to read with their kids every day.


Our second graders are creative writers! They demonstrate the writing process through life books, personal narratives, poetry, letters, opinion pieces, and factual reports. The students are taught the Six Traits of Writing. Favorite pieces of writing are published in the Bush Bobcat Binding Company throughout the year. Students also collect their best pieces of writing to place in their individual portfolios which are sent home at the end of the school year. Each child has a very special collection of memories to keep from their year in second grade.


Our mathematics program strongly emphasizes hands on manipulatives as well as incorporating basic skills into daily math practice. Our curriculum includes: Problem solving, mastery of basic addition and subtraction fact with sums through 18, money, telling time skills, measurement, geometry, numeration, and double digit addition and subtraction.  We embrace the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards and expect our students to be able to explain their answers and look at problems in a variety of ways.

Science & Social Studies:

MPS has developed a nationally recognized science and social studies curriculum. Some topics that we explore are: States of Matter, Weather, "Breath, Blood, & Guts," Life Cycles of Beetles and Butterflies, Ancient Civilizations, American Revolution, Westward Movement, Safety, and Geography Skills.