Sixth Grade

Mrs. Ritter

Ms. Karles

Ms. Galbreath


Sixth Grade is a FANTASTIC year!

Students will learn many things...

For science we will study about the scientific method, and complete three units: Energy, Cells to Systems, and Oceanography & Extreme Weather.

Sixth graders will use the reading text and also complete literature studies. There are so many good books for sixth graders! Sixth graders are also encouraged to participate in Battle of the Books.

For social studies we will study ancient civilizations including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, India, and also the Middle Ages and World Wars I and II.

In math we will study about number sense, problem solving, fractions, measurement, ratios, percents, geometry, and integers.

In language we will learn about grammar and writing, and improve our vocabulary and spelling.

In the spring the sixth grade will have a trip to Sea World.


Some Sixth Grade Activities:

Poetry Cafe

World's Fair

Space Shuttle Simulation

Reading Buddies

Disaster Projects

World's Fair student in Kimono with displays of contries.