Is your child quick to learn, to question, to create?

The sky’s the limit for student achievement in Mesa Public Schools. Consider our Gifted and Talented Program. MPS focuses on children’s intellectual, emotional and creative needs from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade 

In elementary school, the Gifted and Talented Program features:
  • student evaluation for Gifted and Talented Program placement
  • individualized Educational Service Plans
  • accelerated and in-depth studies in academics, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, research, communication and self-development
  • a wealth of parent resources
Visit our website for detailed program and eligibility information at
As your sixth-grader gets ready for junior high, please consider the gifted and talented classes in the district's Course Description Catalog. Visit Other classes are open to high achievers, without regard to gifted and talented status: 
  • honors, advanced and accelerated courses 
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination 
  • International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program
Visit our website for detailed program and eligibility information at
Qualifications and placement
We invite all parents to join us as advocates for their children’s highest achievement and for unprecedented excellence in education. Let us know if you think your child may qualify for the MPS Gifted and Talented Program, or for other honors, advanced, accelerated, AVID or IB programs. 
If you have questions about placement in higher-level courses, contact your child’s school. Or call Cris Barnett, MPS gifted and talented director, (480) 472-7248.
More resources
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