Mission Statement

At Barbara Bush Elementary School, every parent, teacher and staff member believes that all children can and must learn - and so they do.

We recognize the importance and value of each individual contribution. Although the role that we have been called to play varies from person to person, we are all dedicated to teaching them well.
We teach by example that learning is important and fun. We strive to create an example so that our lives become the book on a library shelf that our children most treasure.
We create an environment that brings enthusiasm and enjoyment to learning.
We empower students to become risk-takers, to question and wonder about their world, to be independent thinkers.
We instill a love for reading and learning.
We encourage each student to do his or her personal best.
We touch their hearts, laugh with them and love them.

…And in the end, it's the best school story of all, children discovering their own purpose, setting goals, establishing dreams, and reaching their full potential.